• $250 Popcorn Ounces / $135 Popcorn Half Ounces

    Popcorn Ounces - CRESCO Strawberry Shaman 25% Star Dawg 28%, OG-18 24%, Girl Scout Cookies 25%, KT Dawg 29% Chunky Deisel 26%, Sojay Haze 26%, Sweet Baby Jane 25%, Outer Space 23%, Island Sweet Skunk 24%, Grand Daddy Purple 22%, Durban Poison 24% Popcorn Half Ounces - Revolution Remedy (High CBD) , GTI- Black Cherry Soda 25%, Pre 98 Bubba Kush 10%THC 15% CBD, Golden Goat 24%

  • Earthmed Deals!

    $40 8ths Pharmacannis Bubba Fett 26%, , Goober 23%, Laverne and Shirley 22%, PTS 9lb Hammer 22%, Colombian Gold 23%, Double OG Tangerine 18%, Starry Night 23%. GTI- $42 8ths Golden Goat 24%, Urkle OG 25%, Colorado Chem 24%no discounts except loyalty points.

  • Mix and Match Ounce Discount

    You Can always mix and match eighths or quarters to make an ounce and get a discount! Buy in bulk and Save! Variety is the spice of life! For even bigger discount, buy one strain pre-packaged as a ounce!

  • 10% Off for Disability, 10% Off for Veterans, 10% Off for Seniors, 10% Off for Kids w Epilepsy

    We offer 10% off for all the above. Only 1 discount per patient. Does not apply to Sale priced items.

  • Loyalty Program - Extra 5% off

    When you hit 600 points recieve a credit of $30 to your account, no sign up needed, your already enrolled!

  • Free Birthday Grams!

    Come in on your birthday and recieve a free gram of your choice (flower only)(1 gram / flower only)