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Can You Freeze Edibles?

Posted by Canna Randa on Jan 31, 2023

Every cannabis enthusiast’s worst nightmare is opening up their jar of edibles and finding that they’ve expired. But it’s not your fault. Sometimes you’ll have a really busy week, or you may have spent some time away from home on a vacation. It simply can’t be helped!

Luckily, there are ways to prevent your edibles from going bad. There are countless types of edibles, but for most, freezing is a great solution that will keep them fresh for weeks or even months without compromising their potency. 

Can You Freeze Pot Brownies?

Pot brownies are one of the biggest culprits or going bad too quickly. One of the key drivers for many bakers (that like to get baked) is the freshness of a homemade pot brownie. Unfortunately, similar to regular brownies, a pot brownie can start to go bad in less than a week, even if left in an air-tight, room-temperature container. Keeping these treats in the refrigerator will further prolong them going bad, but putting them in the freezer is the best solution. Freezing pot brownies will make them last upwards of three months without going bad. Any longer than that, and the chocolatey flavor will start to deteriorate.

We recommend enjoying your fresh batch with friends after they come out of the oven, then freezing the remaining pot brownies to save them for another night. But be careful! Some weed brownie connoisseurs swear that freezing your oven-baked desserts will actually cause their potency to increase. 

Can You Freeze Edible Gummies?

Gummy edibles are a fun way for tokers to switch things up every once in a while, but it seems that manufacturers these days are always stuffing so many into a single sealed container. Luckily, edible gummies are actually one of the most beneficial marijuana products to freeze, as there is little consequence when doing so. Gummies will last quite a while in an air-tight container, but putting them into the freezer will further extend their freshness. Edible gummies will retain their flavor and potency for a year or more if left in the freezer.

Many people enjoy chewing on frozen gummy candies, regardless of whether they have any THC or CBD in them, so try putting yours in the freezer before even opening the package if you want to try something new. However, keep in mind that throwing old, dry, and hard gummies into the freezer will not make them fresh again.

Can You Freeze Chocolate Edibles?

At this point, it should be no surprise that you can freeze chocolate edibles just as well as your other sweet cannabis confectioneries. Chocolate can grow quite stale just a few days after removing it from its packaging. Make sure to put your edible chocolate bar into the freezer as soon as you’ve eaten your fill. If properly contained, cannabis-infused chocolate will last upwards of 6 months in the freezer.

If frozen chocolate isn’t for you, notice that individually wrapped chocolate edibles are on the rise. This means that you’ll have the option of buying many small chocolate pieces in a pack that can be opened separately. No need to freeze them if they’re still sealed!

Freezing your Edibles Works

Depending on how quickly you get through your stash, it may be worthwhile to freeze your weed edibles to prolong their expiration dates. Since most edibles can be left in the freezer for some time, it’s worthwhile to buy or make them in bulk to save time in the future. Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your frozen edibles:

  • Make sure that light isn’t getting into the freezer. Opening and closing the freezer throughout the day is not an issue.
  • Keep your edibles in a sealed container inside the freezer. Only open and close the container when you need to take an edible out to eat.
  • Save the date of when you purchased or made the edibles. Don’t risk eating a cannabis product that you forgot about for years.

So next time you’re hoping to extend the freshness of your edibles (or trying to hide them from your roommates), try sticking them in the freezer. It might also be easier to bring frozen edibles to your friends, allowing them to prolong their freshness. Nevertheless, you cannot take weed edibles on a plane, so only deliver these treats if your friends are close.

Do you freeze your edibles? What other methods do you use to store them aside from freezing? Hit me up on social media, or visit our locations, including our dispensary near Elk Grove Village, and let’s spark up a conversation!

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