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Puff Profile: Patient Care Specialist Marc Mercado

Posted by Canna Randa on Apr 18, 2023

It’s been a minute since we published a Puff Profile, and we are returning hot featuring Marc Mercado. Marc is relatively new to the cannabis industry and has been a Patient Care Specialist at the EarthMed Rosemont, IL, marijuana dispensary since 2022. Before joining the EarthMed family, Marc was in the restaurant industry - making EarthMed’s commitment to customer service second nature. 

Talking to Marc and getting to know him was a pleasure. I was able to thank Marc for his service in the Marine Corps and learned that his grandfather came from the Dominican Republic to serve in the Navy. Patriotism runs deep in his family. After his time in the military, Marc went to film school in California, preparing him to write a screenplay during COVID. 

Marc told me that he has smoked cannabis since high school and is still a recreational user. “This plant is a wonder,” Marc said. “I have seen the use of it go from ‘let’s get as high as we can’ to ‘how can this plant help me.’ And it’s been wonderful to witness and be a part of that evolution.” The stigma behind cannabis use is going away, and until working for EarthMed, Marc had kept his recreational cannabis use under wraps. Now, he loves seeing people bringing in their baby boomer parents to introduce them to the wonderful world of cannabis. 

When Marc isn't working at EarthMed, he likes to play Dungeons & Dragons and board games, and he is writing a fantasy novel right now. A fan of the arts, Marc also enjoys painting acrylic and canvas, creating parody videos, and drawing. His favorite terpene, linalool, helps him to relax, mellow out, and focus on creativity - perfect for his artistic endeavors.

When I asked Marc his favorite thing about working for EarthMed, he said it was "changing people's minds and preconceived notions about marijuana. Seeing people dead set against getting high walk out with some education is super rewarding.” He also said that his coworkers are great, he always has a fun time at work, and the managers and owners of the dispensary have created a space where questions are encouraged, there are fantastic perks, and people are like-minded. Marc loves that cannabis brings everyone together and binds us as cannabis enthusiasts. And I wholeheartedly agree! 

Marc is primarily a flower guy, but sometimes he smokes shake. While concentrates are new to him, he has a great time learning all about them. However, he still prefers to smoke out of his old-school glass pipe while listening to old-school alternative, '80s, '90s, and hip-hop music -  anything but country - which I also agree with.

Marc’s Favorite Strains

Indica: Northern Lights because it’s one of the “purest indica strains around.” He loves its super sedative feel that helps with anxiety.

Sativa: Jack Herer stimulates Marc’s mood and thoughts. This strain makes him want to go on hikes and be a “dharma bum like Kerouak.”

Hybrid: Chem Dawd is an excellent daily smoker for Marc. With its diesel-y front end and a touch of pine, this strain points his compass North, resets everything, and sharpens his creativity and senses. Another hybrid that he loves is NF1 by Aeriz Because this hybrid is Chem Dawg and Northern Lights, offering relaxation from Northern Lights and an even, heavy front-end from Chem Dawg. "This gives me a deep focus high that I love and helps with focused creativity,” Marc said.

Next time you are at EarthMed’s cannabis dispensary in Rosemont, make sure to keep an eye out for Marc. He might even be there, ready to answer any questions you may have. Check him out on Instagram - his profile is full of his amazing artwork.

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