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Smoking Weed Before Tattoo: Yay or Nay?

Posted by Canna Randa on Sep 13, 2022

Confession time: I love tattoos – almost as much as I love smoking weed. Out of my fifteen tattoo sessions, I don’t think I have been stone-cold sober for any of them. This got me thinking – Is smoking weed before tattoo appointments a good idea? 

**In the interest of full disclosure, please know that these thoughts and experiences are my own, and I am not a tattoo artist, scientist, or doctor of any kind. I am just a medicated and elevated lady who loves tattoos and body art.**

Tattoo Anxiety and Cannabis

Tattoo appointments are like a holiday to me. I count them down and celebrate them because I know that my skin art collection will be growing. Yes, I know I am not typical, and most people get at least a little bit anxious before their body art sessions. While it’s widely known and accepted that marijuana is a natural anxiety-reducing substance, studies have shown that high doses can have the opposite effect and increase anxiety. Not exactly what you want when you are getting a new tattoo.

So, can you smoke weed before a tattoo? If you are wondering if it’s alright, the answer is yes, but tread with caution if you are a marijuana newbie. Everyone’s body is unique and reacts differently when they consume cannabis, and pain levels vary widely for those who indulge in body art. The key to combining these two loves of mine is to be super aware of how your body is feeling. If it’s your first time getting tattooed and you don’t regularly toke, you probably shouldn’t get blazed before your appointment. That’s just common sense.

If thinking about your upcoming tattoo appointment gives you anxiety, my advice would be to partake in a heavy indica strain, but don’t overdo it. Maybe don’t eat that high-dose edible before tattoo time, or hold off on hitting the dab rig before you leave to get inked.

If you decide to get wicked high and consume too much weed before tattoo time, you can always follow these 10 Tips on How to Handle a Cannabis Green Out. While you may not be “greened out” per se, if you feel too high during your sessions, keeping these tips in mind will help your endocannabinoid system chill a bit. 

Canna Randa Pro Tip: If you feel too high while getting your tattoo, don’t panic – it won’t last forever. Drink a big glass of water, and eat something with negligible fat content. This will help almost immediately.

Does Weed Help With Tattoo Pain?

If you have ever asked a tattooed person if their ink hurt and they told you it didn’t, they are lying. Having needles go in and out of your skin while depositing ink never feels exceptionally pleasant, but the feeling can range from slight discomfort to feeling like your skin is on fire. 

Although cannabis is legal in many states, it’s still federally illegal. Due to the federal laws, studies on this medicinal plant are challenging to conduct, and research is not as robust or widely available as it should be. Still, several studies have found that marijuana helps with chronic and nerve pain. While it isn’t strong enough to quell the pain from surgical procedures, many patients have found that cannabis helps their aches and pains, even those from tattoos. And while not related to blood from tattoos, there have been studies that find a link between marijuana and blood pressure.

I love medical marijuana for its pain-relieving properties. When I get tattooed, I stop by a dispensary near O'Hare so that I can go lifted and stay that way throughout my session. When my artist takes a break, I join her and hit my dab pen. Doing this ensures I have enough medical marijuana in my system to last me through the session. 

What About an Edible Before Tattoo Time?

If you are an experienced edible eater, you will likely know how they make you feel and for how long. Use your experience to gauge whether an edible is right for you during tattoo time. 

If you are new to edibles, please rethink your decision to get inked after eating them. Tattoo time is sacred, and you don’t want to miss out on having new ink because you got too high and couldn’t handle the experience. Don’t be that person!   

Although my edible tolerance is incredibly high, edibles affect me vastly different than other ways of cannabis consumption. I do not take an edible before tattoo appointments because the high can be unpredictable depending on what you have in your digestive system.

Like most other things weed-related, each individual’s experience is unique to them. If you listen to your body and follow its lead, you will learn to spot trouble on the horizon. Being aware will help you get the most out of your tattoo session. 

Do you have tattoos that you got while you were stoned vs. sober? What was your experience like when smoking weed before tattoo appointments? Hit me up on social media, and let me know – I would love to talk with you about a few of my favorite things!

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