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Track Your Highs & Whys with Our Printable Toke Tracker

Posted by Canna Randa on Mar 15, 2022

Confession time: I have never been into journaling or keeping a diary. Since my 6th grade English teacher forced us to keep a daily journal, regular note-taking has never been my thing. Enter the Great Quarantine of 2020 when I didn’t have much else to do, and thus my toke tracking hobby was born. 

As a youngster, I was worried that someone would steal it and read it if I kept a journal or diary. You know – since my adolescence was SO interesting, someone would clearly want to keep up with all the junior high drama. For years, this fear of being outed or teased by my private thoughts held me back from journaling, especially about marijuana. Now that pot is legal in Illinois and many other states, I no longer have fear of my secret weed notes ever being incriminating. 

Some of the things that I like to keep track of with my toke session tracking are:

  • Date, time, and location
  • Strain name and type (indica, hybrid, sativa)
  • Acquisition details (which dispensary, cost)
  • Strain details (THC and CBD percentages)
  • Strain scent or flavor (sweet, floral, spicy, herbal, woodsy, earthy, sour, fruity)
  • Strain appearance (fluffy, dry, sticky)
  • Consumption type (flower, shake, concentrate, edible, tincture, vape)
  • Consumption method (one-hitter, bowl, joint, Volcano vaporizer, vape, dab)
  • Session details (solo, with friends, with significant other, or family)
  • How I feel before and after the session
  • Effects from the cannabis (peaceful, sleepy, pain relief, hungry, uplifted, creative, anxious, focused, happy, energetic, carefree, relaxed, paranoid, dry eyes, thirsty)

Since beginning my marijuana session tracking journey, I have found which cannabis strains are best for me for different reasons. For example, if I need to go to sleep, the best strain for me is 9lb Hammer – which hits as heavy as its name sounds. Jack Herer and Lilac Diesel are my jam if I am looking for an energy boost. And for pain relief without too much of a head high, I always prefer Orange Herijuana. 

I have also learned that most weed strains make my eyes dry and make me hungry. And that no particular strain makes me feel paranoid or anxious. Most of the effects that I have tracked over the past two years have been: uplifted, happy, carefree, and relaxed. Why else would I be such a staunch advocate for marijuana use?

Do you track your sessions? I am genuinely curious to hear from the cannabis community about this topic. Please ping me on social media to discuss. And feel free to save and print my custom-made toke tracker, or use what I came up with to create your own. There’s no wrong way to track your marijuana sessions and tokes!

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