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Double Tangie Banana 20%
REv 8ths
1024 23%
PTS~Available in 8ths
Cresco Cookies 25%
Popcorn Ounces Cresco's version of Girl Scout Cookies(Indica)
Joliet Jake 27% (Reserve Line)
Cresco Reserve Line~Top buds of the plant!
707 Headband 24%
Cresco Avaialble in 8ths
AC/DC 25%
Goldleaf 25% CBD 24% and 1% THC Available in 8ths and grams
Acorn Kush 25%
Goldleaf Indica Available in 8ths
Alien Bubba 30%
Cresco 3.5 and ounces
Alien Dutchess 27%
Cresco~ Available in Popcorn Ounces
Banana Split 27%
GTI Sativa 8ths
Berry Bubba Kush 22%
GTI Indica Available in 8ths
Bio Jesus 30%
Cresco Indica Hybrid Available in Eighths and popcorn ounces and Roman Candle Joints
Black Cherry Soda 22%
GTI 8ths
Blue 22%
GTI Available in sale 8ths!
Bruce Banner #3 25%
Goldleaf grams 25%.
Bruce Banner 1.0 24%
Sativa dominant Available in 8ths
Bubba Fett 29%
Pharmacannis Indica Dominant Hybrid 8ths
Bubba G 24%
Rev available in 8ths
Chemdawg 91 30%
Goldleaf Available in Grams and 8ths and short thought joints
Chunky Deisel 26%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces and half ounces 26%
Colorado Chem 27%
Sativa GTI Available in sale 8ths!
Corleone Kush 27%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths and short thoughts Indica
DJ Short Flo 26%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces, half oz of shake, and 8ths
Durban Poison 25%
Available in Popcorn Ounces(Cresco 22%) and GTI 8ths
G13 23%
Indica 8ths
G6 29%
Goldleaf Available in Grams, 8ths, and short thoughts
Gelato 29%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths and grams and short thoughts
Blue Dream 24%
Pharmacannis halfs
Ghost Train Haze 25%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
God Bud 27%
Goldleaf's seasonal strain available in Dogwalkers
Godfather 27%
GTI Indica dogwalkers
Golden Goat 26%
GTI - Available in 8ths and Dogwalker Joints and popcorn half ounces
Goldleaf 5 Gram Flight - Bruce Banner #3, Gelato, G6, Mag Mile, Grand Doggy Purple Grams.
Gorilla Glue 23%
Revolution 8ths 21% cresco pocorn ounces 23%
Grand Doggy Purps 28%THC
Goldleaf Available in grams and 8ths and short thoughts
Grandpa Bub 28%
Pharmacannis Indica Dominant
Green Line OG 28% (Reserve Line)
Gumbo 23%
Cresco Available in Ounces and half ounces shake
Harle Tsu 14% CBD 9% THC
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
Harlequin 15% CBD 6% THC
PTS Available in 8ths & Grams
Headband 26%THC
GTI~ Available in sale 8ths!
Island Sweet Skunk 25%
Cresco 8ths and pocorn ounces 24%
Jack Herer #1 27%THC
Goldleaf~ Available in 8ths!
Jack Herer #8 25% THC 5% CBD
Kachook 25%
bedford Grow Sativa Ounces
Katsu Bubba Kush 29%
Cresco 8ths,and half oz shake - Another very unique starin w a complex flavor profile of berries and funkyness.
Kosher Kush 27%
GTI Available in 8ths(26%THC)
Kosher Tangie 24%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces and half ounces shake
KT Dawg 27%
Cresco ~ Available in Eighths and popcorn ounces -Very Unique Strain, very dark and crystal coated, excellent at reducing pain from inflamation.
Lemon Hash Plant 29%
GTI Sativa Available in 8ths
Lime Skunk 29%
Cresco~ Half Ounces of Shake and 8ths and Roman candle joints
Lime Sorbet 29% (Reserve Line)
CResco 8ths
Magnificent Mile 29%
Goldleaf Available in grams, 8ths and short thoughts
OG Critical 27%
NEW Goldleaf Indica Dominant available in 8ths
OG-18 29%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces and 8ths - OG Kush genetics, Piney, sweet flavor and smell.
Otto 1% THC 16%CBD
GTI available in 8ths and grams
Outer Space 27%
Cresco 8ths 23%
Pineapple Express 27%
Cresco Available in 8ths - Lauren calls this a Happy strain! uplifting yet pain relieving!!!
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies 22%
Available in 8ths
Pre 98 Bubba Kush 10% THC 14% CBD
Available in grams , 8ths. 10% THC 15% CBD
Purple OG 26%
GTi Available in 8ths Mikes Indica Pick for heavy sedation or sleep.
Razzmatazz 24%
Pharmacannis~ popcorn half ounces but Sativa Skunk #1 Phenotype
Revolution Remedy 9% THC 14% CBD
Revolution available in 8ths
Sapphire OG 29%
NEW Goldleaf Available in 8ths and Grams
Sojay Haze 30%
Cresco Sativa Popcorn Ounces and half ounce of shake
Sour Diesel 24%
Available in 8ths from GTI 23% popcorn ounces from CResco
Sour Joker 26%
GTI Available in 1/8ths and Dogwalkers Rev 8ths
Stardawg 28%
Cresco 8ths 28%
Stardawg Guava 23%THC
GTI~ sale 1/8
Strawberry Cough 21%
GTI 8ths
Strawberry Shaman 28%
Cresco Labs Sativa Popcorn ounces
Sweet Baby Jane 22%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces and half oz of shake
Tangie 21%
GTI Available in 8ths and half ounces
Tsuga 22%
GTI 8ths Genetics are LA Confidential crossed with Durban Poison
Urkle OG 25%
GTI Available in sale 8ths and DogJoints
X-Wing 26%THC
GTI Available in sale 8ths


Tigers Milk Live Sugar 91%
Turbo Lemon Cake 500mg Terp Tank 86%
Clementine Shatter 89%
Corleone Kush 500mg Cartridges
Goldleaf~ Laurens great tasting indica for sleep/intense pain
Whole Flower Blend *Dragon Tears on sale!*
Revolution~Dragon tears can be dabbed, eaten, or used to refill cart!
JillyBean Live Crumble Wax (Sativa dom hybrid)
Pharma~Lauren's pick for a happy strain;Uplifting, fatigue fighting, with a bit of pain relief Great lemon tasting!
Blueberry Live Crumble Wax 84%
Pharmacannis~ Hybrid!
Alien Jack Live Wax
Pharmacannis~ Sativa dom Hybrid
Great Divide Live Sugar (Indica)
GTI~ great for pain and sleep
Sour Joker Live Sugar
GTI~ energizing yet pain relieving!
Hayleys Haze Live Resin (Reserve Line)
Northern Lights #5 Live Resin 86%THC (Reserve Line)
Different taste and effects than the Revolution NL
Alien Dawg 500mg Cartridge 90%
Goldleaf 500mg Cartridge
Painkiller #1 RSO
Sour Skittles Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 90%
Natures Grace
Blueberry Melon Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 90%
Natures Grace
Banana Split Live Resin 87%
Haley's Haze Live Resin 88%
Haleys Haze Reserve Line from Cresco
Joliet Jake Shatter 89%
Cresco reserve Line
Northern Lights #5 Shatter 82%
Cresco Reserve
Green Line OG Shatter 86%
Blueberry Space Cake Live Resin 84%
CResco Live resin
Magnificant Mile 1000mg RSO 50%THC 2%CBD
1000mg RSO
Moonshine Haze Hash 52%
Euphoria RSO 1000mg 16% THC 46% CBD
Tangerine Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 86%
Natures Grace
Apple Jacks Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 91%
Natures grace
Orange Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 41% CBD 46% THC
Natures grace
Strawburst Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 86%
Natures Grace
Fruity Pebbles Disposable 200mg Vape Pen 90%
Bruce Banner 1.0 crumble wax
PTS~ Sativa
DJ Flo Live Resin 88%THC
Cresco-A Sativa good for fatigue and nausea!
Tangie 500mg Cartridge 63%THC 22%CBD
Zkittles 500mg Cartridge 67%THC 18% CBD
Goldleaf 4:1
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Wax 80%
OG Kush Clear Native Terpenes .25ml
Just Terpenes no THC.
Ghost Glue Live Resin (THCA Powder and HTE Sauce) Isolate Pack 95%
1 full Gram THCA powder and half gram High Terpene Extract Sauce
Gorilla Glue #4 THCA Powder .5 Gram
REv Live Resin Isolate, Basicly super potent kief (If concentrates had kief it would be THCA Powder)
Harle Tsu Pull and Snap Shatter 60% CBD 24% THC
Goldleaf, Somewhere inbetween sap and pull and snap consistency.
Bubba Fett Live Wax (Indica dom-Hybrid)
Pharma~Great fibro strain for those nightly aches and pains!
Gelato Moonrocks 66%
Goldleaf Moonrocks
Bruce Banner Hash 53%
LA Sunshine wax
PTS~ Hybrid
Alien Bubba Wax 88%
Cresco~ Indica
200mg Natures Grace Disposable flavored cartridges 5 Diffrent Flavors!
Nature's Grace~Tangerine, Orange, Strawburst, Bluebery Melon, Pina Colada
Lime Skunk Live Resin 90%
Gumbo Live Resin 86%
Cresco~Lauren's pick of the week, relieved muscle spasms with a sweet/berry flavor. Consistency is grainy/crumbly yet easy to work with!
Red Headed Stranger Wax 85%
Shangri-La 1000mg RSO
Shelbyville 10%THC. 37% THCA. 2.73 CBD. 7% CBDA
Strawberry Headband 500mg 90%
Nature's Grace ~ Indica Dominate Hybrid
Stardawg Live Resin 92%
Gobbstopper Live Resin and Shatter 85%
Cannatonic 1000mg RSO Syringe
Shelbyville~ Sativa dominate Hybrid of 27%THC 35%CBD
Green Crack Shatter 90%
Sour Joker Moroccan Melt Hash 71%
Revolution ~ Sativa 71%
Dragon Tears - CBD Blend 90%
Revolution full spectrum Fully activated concentrate
Gorilla Glue #4 & Charlotts Web 500mg Cartidge 63% THC 27% CBD
Revolution full spectrum Fully activated concentrate
Black Cherry Soda Wax 83%
GTI-Indica wax, sedative body effects not super flavorful though
Sour Deisel Live Resin Sauce 86%
Purple Thai Crumble Wax 86%THC
PTS~ Sativa dom Hybrid
Harlequin Shatter 28%THC / 60%CBD
Gorilla Glue #4 Moonrocks 54%
Chi Haze Live Resin 84%
BubbleGum 500mg Cartridge 90%
Revolution Splash flavored cartridge
AC/DC 500mg Cartridge 73% cbd 7%thc
Gelato Raw Wax 90%THC
Alien Jack Hash 49%
G6 Moonrocks 65%THC
Goldleaf~ Flower dipped in cannabis oil and packed w keif.
Alien Rock Candy Cartridge 90%
Gooberr Hash 41%
Banana Kush Live Resin
PTS~great tasting yet some pain relief
Great Lakes Lemon 500mg Cartridge 64%
Pharmacannis G13 strain
Harlequin 1:1 300mg Cartridge (34%CBD 32%THC)
RSO Shelbyville Hurkle high CBD 1000mg
18%THC 44% CBD
Gelato Sunrock Shatter 88%
RSO Shelbyville 9lb Hammer 1000MG
RSO Shelbyville 9lb Hammer 1000MG 36% THC 2.4 CBD
RSO Shelbyville Pennywise 1:1 1000mg
Purple Urkle Raw Wax 88%
RSO Shelbyville Peppermint Kush 1000mg
41% THC 11% CBD
Grand Daddy Purple 500mg Cartridge 70%
RSO Shelbyville Black Mountain Kush 1000MG
70% THC
RSO Shelbyville Sweet Relief high CBD 1000mg
4.33 THC 52% CBD
Mag Mile Moonrocks 62%
G6 Sunrock Shatter 87%
Revolution Dragon Tears - Alien Rock Candy 91%
Full spectrum ultra refined solventless, Lots of terpenes, rso consistency
G6 Raw Wax 88%
Green Crack 500mg Cartridge 84%
Natures Grace and Goldleaf
Critical Cure 1:1 500mg Cartridge 44% THC 44% CBD
Natures Grace
Blue Dream Hash 52%
Pharmacanis, lots of flavor.
Gorilla Glue Live Resin 86%
Cresco-Indica Live Resin
Bruce Banner Live Wax 83%
Pharmacannis-Sativa dom-hybrid
Sour Diessel Live Resin 89%THC
Cresco-Sativa dom Hybrid
Pre 98 Bubba Kush Wax 53% CBD 34% THC
GTI Indica - Great flavor, Super Calming.
Otto 82% CBD 2% THC
GTI Pull and snap consistancy -Mikes Pick for anxiety or overall calmness.
Grape God Live Resin 88%
Berry Bubba Kush Wax 89%
GTI Wax Indica Available in grams
Super Silver Haze 500mg Cartridge 90%
Natures Grace
Gelato 500mg Cartridge 91%
Goldleaf~Indica Dom-Hybrid
Magnificent Mile 500mg Cartridge 73%THC 9%CBD
Goldleaf~ 500MG Vape Cartridge, very sweet!
Chicago Blue Dream 500mg Cartridge 90%
Natures Grace
Jack Herer 500mg Cartridge 93%
Natures Grace, 5 different cbd's in this one!
Northern Lights 500mg Cartridge 89%THC
Natures Grace 5 different cbd's in this one!
Ghost Train Haze 500mg Cartridge 89%
Natures Grace Skywalker 500mg Cartridge 90%
Harle Tsu 500 MG Oil Cartridge Vape Pen 51% CBD 31%THC
Goldleaf~ 500MG Vape Cartridge, High CBD/Sativa
G6 500mg Cartridge 86%THC 1%CBD
Goldleaf~ 500MG Sativa Dom-Hybrid
Maui Wowie Wax 84%
RSO Gorilla Glue #4 64%THC
Cresco 1000mg Syringe
RSO Otto 1000mg 59%cbd 4%thc
RSO Harle Tsu 1000mg Syringe 45%CBD 22%THC
Goldleaf~ RSO 1000MG High CBD/Sativa
RSO Purple Urkle 1000mg Syringe 55%thc 5%cbd
RSO AC/DC 1000mg Syringe 47%cbd 3.5%thc
Goldleaf~ High CBD/ Sativa 1000mg RSO
RSO DJ Flo 65% 1000mg
RSO 1000mg
DJ Flo Live Sugar 88%
Indica Blend Tincture
Sativa Blend Tincture 100mg
GTI and Pharmacannis


Cresco CBN Capsules!
CBN-Lauren's favorite for sleep aid/Muscle spasms!!!
Sour Manderin 1:1 100mg Gummies
Goldleaf 20mg gummies 5 per pack
PTS Indica Sleep Aid Capsules 100mg
10 pills 10mg per pill
Cresco CBD Capsules 2:1
10 per pack
Avexia Comfort Tablets #40 - 2.5MG CBD / 1.5mg THC Tablets
Avexia Ascend Tablets #40 - 2.5mg Sativa THC Tablets
Ramen Noodles - Beef Flavor 50mg
High CBD Tincture 250mg CBD
Cresco~Triple Berry Gummies 100mg made with RSO (Indica)
There is 10 in a bottle and10mg per piece
Mindys Taffy Apple 25mg Caramel
Clementine 100mg Surp - Flavor packed fast acting drink mixer!
Ice Tea and Lemonade Gummies 100mg
Hot Chili Choc Bar 100mg
Natures Grace
CannaMist Rasberry High CBD
Cherry Lime 100mg SURP - Flavor packed fast acting drink mixer!
Just add to sparkling water or your favorite drink
Bettys Eddies Fruit Chews 100mg
5 Flavor mix, taffy consistency.
Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar 1:1 (Indica)
100mg thc and 100mg cbd all for only $25 -Mikes Edible pick of the week!
Berry Cherry Granola Bar 25MG of HIGH CBD
Goldleaf~ High CBD 25MG Granola Bar is made with White Harmony RSO!
Berry Cherry Granola Bar 50MG
Goldleaf~ Hybrid 50MG Cherry Granola Bar is made with Goldleaf's RSO oil!
PTS THC Capsules 100mg
10 pills 10mg each per container
Kiva Irish Cream, Vanilla Chai, or Blackberry Chocolate Bars 100mg
Kiva Terra Bites Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans 100mg
5 mg per piece, 20pc total.
Kiva Terra Bites Chocolate Covered Blueberries 100mg
Mindys Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 125mg Pack
Cresco 5 pack
Cherry 1:1 Gummies 100mg Pack
Blue Rasberry Indica 100mg Gummies
Watermelon Sativa Gummies 100mg
Pink Lemonade Gummies 100mg
Cresco 100mg 10mg X 10 pc 100mg total.
Sativa Milk Chocolate 20mg
Tropical Fruit Indica 100mg Gummies
Cresco 100mg 10mg X 10 pc = 100mg total.
Mindys Citris Dreamcicle Caramels 125mg 5pack
Orange Dark Chocolate Bar 100mg
Hybrid Natures Grace 100mg
Strawberry White Chocolate Bar 100mg
Natures Grace 100mg Bar Hybrid
Peppermint White Chocolate bar 100mg
Hybrid Natures Grace chocolate bar
Revolution Freedom Fudgies Sativa 50mg
Revolution Freedom Fudgies Indica 50mg
High CBD Ticture 250mg CBD
250 mg CBD
Cresco Apricot Peach Hard Candies 100mg
10 - 10mg pcs + 100mg tin.
Cresco Vanilla Bourbon Butterscotch Hard Candy 100mg
100mg 10 - 10mg pc in the tin.
Cresco Strawberry Sparkling Wine Hard Candy 100mg
10 times 10mg pc = 100mg sublingual / edible.
Strawberry (Island Sweet Skunk) Sativa Gummies 100mg
Strawberry (Ghost Train Haze) 20mg Sativa Gummy
Goldleaf~ Single Sativa 20Mg of THC per Gummy
Blueberry (Purple Urkle) Indica Gummies 100mg or Single 20MG Blueberry Gummy
Goldleaf~ Blueberry (Purple Urkle) Indica 100MG Gummies, 10MG of THC per gummy and 10 gummies are in each pack Also Available in a Single 20MG Blueberry Indica (Purple Urkle) gummy
Grape (G6) Gummies 100mg Pack or Single 20MG Gummy
Goldleaf~ 100MG Grape Gummies come in packs of Ten-10MG Gummies Also Available in a Single Grape G6 20MG Gummy for under $10
Orange (White Harmony) 100mg CBD Gummies
Orange (White Harmony) 10mg CBD Gummies
Green Apple (Harle Tsu) 100mg CBD Gummies or a Single 20MG CBD Gummy
Goldleaf~ Green Apple (Harle Tsu) 100MG High CBD, consists of 10 individual 10MG Gummies per Pack Also Available in a Single Green Apple 20MG Gummy for under $10
CBD Orange Goobies 30mg CBD & 5mg THC
Revolution, similar to soft taffy
CBD (harle Tsu) Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 100mg
GTI Sativa Milk Chocolate 60mg
GTI Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Indica, Sativa, and CBD 100mg
Gti 100mg Sugar Free Chocolates, in CBD, Sativa, or Indica.
Dark Sea Salt Chocolate (White Harmony) 100mg thc 100mg cbd
Honey Sticks (2-Pack) 80mg total
Natures Grace~ Hybrid Honey Sticks are 40MG of THC per straw! Lauren loves putting one of these straws in tea or oatmeal:)
Indica Dark Chocolate 100mg
Milk Chocolate (White Harmony) 100mg


Key Lime Surprise 34%
Rev Available in Rocket Joints packed with kief
Godfather Dogwalkers
GTI~ every purchase helps homeless dogs!
X-Wing Dogwalkers
GTI~5 small joints in a tin
Sour Joker Dogwalkers
GTI~small pack of 5 joints in a tin! sour joker gives you that body high for a sativa
Jack Herer #8 Short Thoughts Joints
Goldleaf~ 5 pack of small joints in tin
Grand Doggy Purple Short Thought Joints
Goldleaf~ pack of 5 small joints in a tin
Chemdawg 91 Short Thought joints
Goldleaf~(Sativa dom hybrid)pack of 5 small joints in a tin
Corleone Kush short thought joints
Goldleaf~ 5 pack of small in a tin
God bud Short Thought Joints
Goldleaf~ 5 pack of small joints in a tin
Alien Dutchess Roman Candles
Cresco~which consists of flower, kief, and wax in two half gram joints
Keylime Surprise OG 1 Gram Rocket Joint
Revolution~1 gram joint with flower and kief Hybrid
Bio Jesus Roman Candle Joints 55%
Urkle OG Dogwalker Joints 1.7g total
GTI~(Indica) small pack of 5 per tin
Durban Poison Dogwalker Joints 1.7g total
GTI~Small 5 pack of joints per tin
Gelato (Short Thought Joints) 2.5 grams total
Goldleaf~Small pack of 5 per tin.
Magnificent Mile Short Thought Joints
Goldleaf~(Small Joints 5 Pack) 2.5 grams total
G6 Short Thoughts (small Joints 5 Pack) 2.5 grams total
Goldleaf~30%THC Sativa Dom-Hybrid
Lime Skunk Roman Candle Joints
Cresco~Two .5G joints that consists of flower, wax, and keif!
Katsu Bubba Kush Roman Candle Joints
Cresco~two .5g Joints that consist of Flower, Wax, and Kief! 48%THC per Joint


THC Pain Cream~100mg (Hybrid)
Marys Sativa Patch 20mg
Marys Medicinals Muscle Freeze 1.5oz
Topical high cbd
Marys Medicinals CBN Patch 10mg
Shelbyville Suppositories
Shelbyville 25mg thc & 29mg cbd
Shelbyville Topical Bar
98mg THC & 106mg CBD
Mary's Medicinal Compound/Balm 1:1
46mg CBD and 57mg THC
Mary's Medicinal Indica Lotion Pen 98mg
98mg THC Indica
Mary's Medicinal Sativa Lotion Pen
98mg Sativa THC
Mary's Medicinal CBD Lotion Pen
97mg CBD 7mg THC
Mary's Medicinal THCa Patch
13mg of thca
Mary's Medicinal THC Indica Patch
Mary's Medicinal CBD Patch
10mg CBD 1mg THC
Marys Medicinal Indica Patch 20mg
Honey Straws 80mg
THC Capsules

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