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Grand Daddy Purple 26%
Cresco Popcorn Ounces
Revolution Remedy 9%tTHC 15%CBD
Revolution available in popcorn half ounces
Cherry Stomper 18%
PTS Indica 8ths
Ghost OG x Blue Dream 24%
PTS 8ths
Tangerine Haze 23%
PTS 8ths
Gorilla Glue 23%
PTS 8ths -23%
Lime Skunk 29%
Cresco 8ths
Kandy Kush OG 29%
indica dom available in 8ths
Island Sweet Skunk 25%
Cresco 8ths
Kavalier Cookies 23%
GTI Available in 8ths
Caramel Candy Kush 24%
Rev 8ths
Key Lime Surprise 27%
Rev Available in 8ths
Bubba G 24%
Rev available in 8ths
G13 25%
Indica available in Popcorn half ounces
Strawberry Shaman 24%
Cresco Labs Sativa Avalable in popcorn ounces
Colorado Chem 25%
Sativa GTI Available in 8ths
Bear Dance 24%
Revolution available in 8ths
Lemon Hash Plant 29%
GTI Sativa Available in 8ths
Outer Space 28%
Cresco Available in popcorn ounces 27% and Quarters 27%
Bio Jesus 29%
Cresco INdica Available in 8ths 26%
Mickey Kush 23%
Cresco Sativa Available in 8ths 23%
AC/DC 25%
Goldleaf 25% CBD 24% and 1% THC Available in 8ths
Katsu Bubba Kush 25%
Cresco Available in popcorn ounces
Bubba Fett 23%
Pharmacannis Indica Dominant Hybrid
Blue 24%
GTI Available 8ths
Banana Split 26%
GTI Sativa available 8ths
Brownie Scout 18% THC 7% CBD
GTI Available in 8ths
Bruce Banner #3 28%
Goldleaf Sativa dominant Available in Grams & 8ths
Chemdawg 91 26%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
Canna Tsu 10% cbd 7% thc
Goldleaf Available in Grams
Berry Bubba Kush 29%
GTI Indica Available in 8ths
Green Crack 27%
Goldleaf available in 8ths
Durban Poison 27%
GTI Available in Popcorn Ounces 21%
East Coast Sour Diesel 23%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths and Grams
Granddaddy Purple 27%
Cresco Available in Popcorn Ounces
Sour Joker 27%
GTI Available in 1/8ths
Grand Doggy Purps 27%
Goldleaf Available in grams
Golden Goat 26%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths
Ghost Train Haze 23%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
G6 28%
Goldleaf Available in Grams & 8ths
Gelato 29%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths
Ginger Snaps 20%
Revolution Available in 8ths
Harle Tsu 14% CBD 9% THC
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
Kush #2 21%
Revolution Available in 8ths
Kosher Kush 22%
GTI Available in 8ths
Maui Waui 24%
GTI Available in 8ths
Magnificent Mile 24%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
NYC Deisel 24%
GTi Available in 8ths
OG-18 24%
Cresco Available in 8ths
Purple OG 26%
GTi Available in 8ths Indica -MIkes Indica pick
Paris OG 27%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams
Platinum Girl Scout Cookies 25%
Available in 8ths
Pre 98 Bubba Kush 10% THC 14% CBD
Available in grams , 8ths
Purple Urkle 19%
Goldleaf Available in 8ths and grams
Reserva Privada 29%
Cresco Available in 8ths
Sour Diesel 23%
Available in 8ths from GTI
Tangie 21%
GTI Available in 8ths
Urkle OG 25%
GTI Available in 8ths
White Harmony 12% CBD 12% THC
Goldleaf Available in 8ths & Grams


Jack Flash Stardog Live Resin 85%
Face Off Live Resin 88%
Cookie Jar Live Resin 85%
Wild Thai Live Resin 85%
Red Deisel Live Resin 81%
Gorilla Glue Live Resin 88%
Banana Kush wax 82%
PTS Almost live resin consistancy w alot of flavor and good potency. - MIkes Pick
Sojay Haze wax 86%
Cresco Sativa
Mickey Kush Wax 85%
Mango Tango Wax 86%
Lime Skunk wax 84%
Cresco Sativa
Mint Fudgie 500mg Cartridge 90%
Revolution splash flavored cartridge
BubbleGum 500mg Cartridge 90%
Revolution Splash flavored cartridge
Docs OG 500mg Cartridge 90%
Lavender Kush 500mg Cartridge 96%
Kandy Kush 500mg Cartridge 90%
Blue Dream / Charlotts Webb Cartridge 89%
Revolution Blue Dream 500mg Cartridge 89%
Revolution LSD 500mg Cartridge 90%
Spectrum #2 Moonrocks 57%
Docs OG Moonrock 57%
Jack Herer Wax 85%
Bubba Fett Wax 84%
Indica dominant
Ieso Pure Kush Kief 42%
Papa Skunk 85%
GTI Sativa
RSO Shelbyville Black Mountain Kush 1000MG
RSO Shelbyville 9lb Hammer 1000MG
RSO Shelbyville 9lb Hammer 1000MG
RSO Shelbyville Pennywise 1:1
RSO Shelbyville Peppermint Kush 1000mg
RSO Shelbyville Sweet Relief high CBD 1000mg
Mag Mile Shatter 87%
Gelato Wax 88%
G6 Raw Wax 96%
Kandy Kush Wax 82%
Sour Joker wax 86%
GTI Sativa
Otto 76% CBD 1% THC
Headband 86%
GTI Sativa
Blue Wax 88%
GTI Indica
Banana Split Wax 88%
GTI Sativa
Gelato 500mg Cartridge 90%
Purple Urkle 500mg Cartridge 88%
Goldleaf 500mg
Jack Herer 400mg Cartridge 93%
Natures Grace, 5 different cbd's in this one!
Northern Lights 400mg Cartridge 93%
Natures Grace 5 different cbd's in this one!
Natures Grace Skywalker 400mg Cartridge 90%
Harle Tsu 500 MG Oil Cartridge Vape Pen 35% CBD
White Harmony 500mg Cartridge 1:1 (High CBD)
G6 500mg Cartridge 94%
Maui Wowie Wax 89%
Kosher Kush Wax 80%
Cresco 707 Headband Wax 90%
Cresco Outer Space Wax 84% THC
Island Sweet Skunk Wax 89%
RSO Gorilla Glue #4 64%
Cresco 1000mg Syringe
RSO Otto 1000mg 52%cbd 3%thc
On sale for $80
RSO Harle Tsu 1000mg Syringe 45%cbd 27%thc
RSO AC/DC 1000mg Syringe 56%cbd 3.5%thc
RSO Bio Deisel 1000mg Syringe
RSO Purple Urkle 1000mg Syringe 62%thc 2%cbd
RSO DJ Flo 80% 1000mg
RSO 1000mg
Indica Blend Tincture
High CBD Tincture
Sativa Blend Tincture


Strawberry Goobies 25mg
Revolution Sativa
Cherry 1:1 Gummies 100mg Pack
Blue Rasberry Indica 100mg Gummies
Watermelon Sativa Gummies 100mg
Docs OG Hot Cocoa 30mg
Docs OG Hot Cocoa 30mg Revolution
Sativa Milk Chocolate 20mg
Mindys PB & J 25mg Caramel
Revolution Freedom Fudgies Sativa 50mg
Revolution Freedom Fudgies Indica 50mg
Chocolate Chip Cookies 100mg 1:1
Shelbyville 1:1 100mg total between 4 cookies
Cresco Apricot Peach Hard Candies 100mg
10 - 10mg pcs + 100mg tin.
Cresco Vanilla Bourbon Butterscotch Hard Candy 100mg
100mg 10 - 10mg pc in the tin.
Cresco Strawberry Sparkling Wine Hard Candy 100mg
10 times 10mg pc = 100mg sublingual / edible.
Cresco Key Lime Hard Candy 100mg
100mg hard candy sublingual/edibal
Strawberry (Island Sweet Skunk) Sativa Gummies 100mg
Strawberry (Island Sweet Skunk) 20mg Sativa Gummy
Blueberry (Purple Urkle) Indica Gummies 100mg
Blueberry (Purple Urkle) Indica 20mg Gummy
Grape (G6) Gummies 100mg
Grape (G6) Gummy 20mg
Orange (White Harmony) 100mg CBD Gummies
Orange (White Harmony) 10mg CBD Gummies
Green Apple (Harle Tsu) 100mg CBD Gummies
Green Apple (Harle Tsu) 10mg CBD Gummies
CBD (harle Tsu) Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 100mg
GTI Sativa Blend Milk Chocolate 60mg
Cresco Mindys 250MG Dark Chocolate
Cresco Mindys 250MG Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate (White Harmony) 100mg thc 100mg cbd
Honey Sticks (2-Pack) 80mg total
Natures Grace
Indica Dark Chocolate 100mg
Milk Chocolate (White Harmony) 100mg
Sativa Dark Chocolate (100MG)


Marys Medicinal CBN Patch
Shelbyville 25mg thc & 29mg cbd
Shelbyville Topical Bar
98mg THC & 106mg CBD
Mary's Medicinal Compound/Balm 1:1
46mg CBD and 57mg THC
Mary's Medicinal Indica Lotion Pen 98mg
98mg THC Indica
Mary's Medicinal Sativa Lotion Pen
98mg Sativa THC
Mary's Medicinal CBD Lotion Pen
97mg CBD 7mg THC
Mary's Medicinal THCa Patch
13mg of thca
Mary's Medicinal THC Indica Patch
Mary's Medicinal CBD Patch
10mg CBD 1mg THC
Marys Medicinal CBD/THC Patch
8mg THC and 9mg CBD
CBD Capsules
THC Capsules
Green Tiger Balm

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