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5 Steps to Ask Your Doctor about Medical Marijuana in Illinois

Posted by MMJ Jill on Nov 16, 2021

If you suffer from one of the qualifying chronic medical conditions in Illinois for medical cannabis use and haven’t had a positive outcome with prescribed medical treatments, talking to your doctor about medical marijuana as an alternative treatment for symptoms may be worth looking into. In general, medical marijuana prices are lower than recreational, offering tons of savings to anyone with an ailment. 

Step 1: See the Illinois Qualifying Medical Conditions for Cannabis Use

First, see if your health condition made the list for Illinois' qualifying medical conditions for medical marijuana. If you see your debilitating diagnosis listed, you have the option to treat your symptoms with medical marijuana. 

Step 2: Research your Health Condition and the Effects of Marijuana

Do some research into medical marijuana for your health condition to see if your associated symptoms may benefit from using cannabis. It’s a good idea to know if there are any risks associated as well due to your diagnosis. For example, weed doesn't lower testosterone levels for most people, but it affects everyone differently.

Step 3: Set Up an Appointment to See Your Primary Doctor

Schedule an appointment with your medical practitioner, who is aware of your medical history and your current health condition. Ask your doctor if he or she has experience with providing recommendations for cannabis for your particular diagnosis. If they don’t have experience and are not comfortable with you using medical marijuana, and you still want to see how medical cannabis will affect your symptoms, you can always search for an MMJ doctor online or ask your doctor for a recommendation within their network. 

Step 4: Once You Find a Doctor, Set up a Consultation, and Have a List of Questions to Ask. 

During your medical cannabis consultation, keep track of your doctor’s willingness to answer your questions and help guide you on how to medicate with marijuana. Have your medical records on hand, especially if you are seeing a doctor other than one you have already established care with. Try searching for doctors near you who recommend medical marijuana. Your medical marijuana doctor should do a physical exam to assess your condition before agreeing to provide the Health Care Professional Certification to receive a medical cannabis card. 

Questions to have for Your MMJ Doctor in Your Back Pocket (or Ideally Written Down): 

  • Can you provide an outlined personal plan for medicating with cannabis? 
  • What cannabis dosage is good to start with for the treatment of symptoms? 
  • What should I look for as far as possible side effects with marijuana use and my medical condition? 
  • Can medical cannabis interact with any medications or treatments I am currently undergoing?
  • Do you have a background in holistic medicine? 
  • Do you understand everything about my medical condition?
  • Can you provide specific recommendations as far as which cannabis strains to use? 
  • How often should I follow up with you regarding my medical cannabis treatment?
  • What should I do when visiting a cannabis dispensary?

Pay Attention to the Following:

  • Is the cannabis doctor willing to answer your questions?
  • Does your MMJ doctor follow up on your condition and ask how medical marijuana is helping or affecting your symptoms? 
  • Does your marijuana doctor readjust your cannabis plan for treating your symptoms? 

Step 5: Obtain the Medical Marijuana Recommendation from the Cannabis Doctor 

This is the first step in the process of applying for your medical marijuana card - your medical provider must complete the Health Care Professional Certification. You must have a bonafide relationship with your doctor. Then, you can complete all seven steps to receive your medical cannabis card. In no time, you will be able to purchase the allotted amount of medical cannabis from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois

Can Any Doctor Prescribe Marijuana?

*Your doctor cannot prescribe you medical marijuana. You must complete the process of receiving a medical marijuana card in order to obtain the amount of medical marijuana you can possess in Illinois to treat your condition. This information is not medical advice.

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