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8 of the Most Popular Landrace Strains

Posted by Canna Randa on Nov 01, 2022

All of the modern-day cannabis hybrids you see available at dispensaries are ancestors of the original landrace strains. This introduction of landrace strains being crossbred really took off in the 1970s. See our previous post, That '70s Strain: 9 Groovy Hippie Strains Still Popular Today

What Are Landrace Strains? 

Landrace strains refer to those original, pure cannabis strains that have not been bred with any other marijuana strain and were grown in their native environment. While these landrace strains originated in Asia and Africa, they quickly spread globally due to their high desirability for recreational benefits. 

Landrace cannabis strains are often named after the region or place where they originated. Over thousands of years, as they evolved, the landrace strains have adapted to the environments they are grown in, but the cannabis ancestors are still the closest thing to the original, wild marijuana species. 

Modern Day Landrace Strains 

Today, these landrace strains are harder to come by as they are pure forms of sativa and indica strains. Modern marijuana strains are mostly hybrids of these landrace strains. The reason for this is that original landrace strains typically were less potent, so cannabis breeders have used selective breeding practices to produce new cannabis strains with the best features of the landrace strains. Growers combine strains to increase potency, shorten flowering times, and breed for medicinal and recreational effects. 

Landrace Indica Strains VS Landrace Sativa Strains 

All landrace strains are either pure indica or 100% sativa marijuana strains. The landrace indica cannabis strains grew in rugged mountainous environments with harsh climates. The appearance of landrace indica strains tends to be shorter with bushier foliage, producing more resin than landrace sativa strains. The flowering cycle is shorter for landrace indica strains due to the colder temperatures. On the other hand, landrace sativa strains thrive in warmer climates near the equator. Landrace sativa strains grow tall and are quite delicate with a long flowering period. 

Remember that the landrace strains today may be slightly different from what they once were, as their unique environments may have contributed to new characteristics, including terpenes and cannabinoid profiles. The most authentic landrace strains will be found at the source of where they originated. We’ve compiled a list of the eight most popular landrace strains that you can still come across today.

*Note: this list represents only a small fraction of the original landrace strains. 

1. Acapulco Gold - This landrace strain originates from Acapulco, Mexico - sharing its namesake. With a relatively high 18% THC content, this landrace sativa strain is excellent for energizing users and giving them motivation. Acapulco Gold is a rare landrace strain and was introduced to the US in the 1960s. The prominent terpene, myrcene, lends to the overall flavor and aroma of this pure sativa strain – coffee, burnt toffee, honey, woody, and funky cheese.

You can tell it’s an Acapulco Gold strain by its beautiful plant appearance - with gold, green, and brown coloring, orange hairs, and resinous buds. Acapulco Gold has a fond reputation among the cannabis community. This Mexican landrace strain is excellent for stimulating an uplifting mood for those who have depression, stress, or anxiety. 

2. Afghani - The Afghani landrace strain originated in Afghanistan and is also referred to as Afghan or Afghanistan by cannabis enthusiasts. Afghani is an indica strain with a THC potency of 19%. This Asian cannabis strain has the myrcene terpene, which gives Afghani an earthy and sweet aroma. Cannabis users will feel a calming and relaxing effect when smoking the Afghani landrace strain.

This indica landrace strain is best used in the evening as it promotes sleep with its sedating effects. Medical patients use Afghani to treat insomnia, stress, and pain. The appearance of an Afghani strain is known by its dense buds, heavy resin production, orange hairs, and large leaves. When the Afghani landrace strain has been cured, users notice an aroma of citrus and pine. 

3. Columbian Gold -  Discovered in South America, the Columbian Gold landrace strain is a pure sativa strain. Columbian Gold is named after the Santa Marta mountains of Columbia, and sometimes this marijuana strain is also called Santa Marta Columbian Gold or Santa Marta. This Columbian landrace strain has a high THC content of 20%.

The main terpene, limonene, gives the strain an aroma and flavor of lemon and lime, though it also produces pungent skunky aromas which can overtake a room. Learn how to cover the smell of Columbian Gold by reading our previous post, 27 Ways to Mask that Weed Smell When You Smoke Marijuana

The Columbian Gold landrace strain is a perfect strain to use during the day for calming and energizing effects, especially if you need to stay productive. Medical patients use Columbian Gold to treat pain-related symptoms and ease muscle tension.

People with depression, anxiety, stress, and ADD/ADHD also enjoy Columbian Gold for its uplifting effects and the ability to focus. Distinctly known by its fluffy, crystal-covered orange and green buds, Columbian Gold has a flowering cycle of 10-12 weeks. Columbian Gold was introduced to the US in the 1960s and is now used in the crossbreeding of popular hybrids, including Skunk #1. 

4. Durban Poison - This sativa landrace strain was discovered in the port city of Durban in South Africa. Durban Poison is one of the most popular landrace strains as it has a high THC percentage of nearly 20%. The aromas of anise, sweetness, and spiciness due to the terpene terpinolene give this African landrace strain a well-balanced flavor of spices, orange, and vanilla. Cannabis consumers enjoy this uplifting and energizing strain which promotes both creativity and productivity. 

Introduced to the US in the 1970s, the Durban Poison landrace strain has been a favorite of medical patients since then, as they use it to help with pain and nausea. For more strains that stimulate appetite, read our post, 9 of the Best Cannabis Strains That Help With Nausea, and you’ll see Durban Poison made the list.

Users also smoke Durban Poison to help cope with anxiety, depression, and stress. Durban Poison is known for its rounded flowers, large buds, and plenty of trichomes - making this landrace sativa strain ideal for extracting concentrates. 

5. Hindu Kush - The Hindu Kush landrace indica strain, sometimes called Hindi Kush, was discovered in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Central Asia. This pure indica strain has an average THC content of 19%. The flavors and aromas produced when smoking Hindu Kush are due to the limonene terpene, giving off earthy, woody, spicy, and citrusy aromas. 

This particular landrace cannabis strain came over to the US in the 60s and since has been popular among marijuana enthusiasts. Hindu Kush gives cannabis users a sense of calm, allowing them to feel sleepy. Best used at night, Hindu Kush can be heavily sedative yet can also bring on the munchies. Hindu Kush is ideal for medical patients dealing with pain, stress, anxiety, and nausea. Marijuana tokers can distinguish a Hindu Kush landrace strain by its plentiful amber-colored trichomes and overall rich green color. 

6. Lamb's Bread - The popular Lamb’s Bread landrace strain emerged from Jamaica and is said to be Bob Marley’s go-to marijuana strain. This sativa landrace strain boasts a high THC percentage of nearly 19%. Tokers will enjoy intense clarity perfect for introspection, as well as an uplifting and energizing feeling when smoking Lamb’s Bread.

Some refer to this strain as Lamb’s Breath. The aromas given off from this Jamaican landrace strain are herbal, spicy, woody, grass, and cheese produced by the terpene, caryophyllene. Patients using Lamb’s Bread can experience a calming sense due to stress, anxiety, and depression. The pure sativa landrace strain, Lamb’s Bread, is known for its distinct, sticky green buds. 

7. Panama Red - This sativa landrace strain originates from Panama in Central America. With an average potency of 17% THC, Panama Red became a popular landrace strain in the 1960s when it was introduced to the United States. The featured terpene is myrcene which gives off a flavor and aroma of tea, candy, lemon, spicy, herbal, and tropical flavors.

Panama Red gives cannabis consumers a sense of calm and energy. When users toke Panama Red, they may become more talkative. Medical patients benefit from the relaxing body effects that Panama Red produces, and they can use this cannabis landrace strain to aid in coping with stress, depression, and anxiety.

Known for its long flowering cycle of 10-12 weeks, which allows the plant to grow to tall heights with thick stems, Panama Red strains are dark green and produce red-colored hairs in the process of curing the flower. 

8. Thai - This original landrace strain, sometimes called Thai Stick due to the process of drying and curing, originated in Asia. The Thai sativa strain is well-known for its high THC percentage of 19%. The terpene, caryophyllene, gives the plant spicy and herbal flavors of tobacco and citrus. Thai gives off an aroma of fruit with a hint of diesel. This pure sativa landrace strain was introduced to the US in the 70s and since then has been used to breed other popular strains, such as Original Haze and Juicy Fruit. 

Thai strains give users a cerebral high and produce effects that are uplifting, calming, and energizing. Medical patients use Thai landrace strains to ease feelings of depression and stress as well as to cope with pain due to their qualifying health conditions. Thai strains have longer green and brown leaves that are pretty delicate and don’t form buds as well as other landrace strains. 

Have you had the opportunity to try one of these popular cannabis strains in our landrace strains list? Hit me up on social media or visit us at our EarthMed dispensary near O'Hare and let's spark up a conversation! I’d love to discuss the best landrace strains!

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