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Puff Profile: Patient Care Specialist Fernando Ramos

Posted by Canna Randa on Dec 06, 2021

It’s the holiday season here at EarthMed, and we are feeling the cheerful spirit from patients, recreational users, and our staff. We’ve heard that our patient care specialists love the new puff profiles and are asking to be featured like Deanna was last month. Stay tuned to learn more about our incredible cannabis professionals. This month our featured specialist is Fernando Ramos who can be found at our Addison dispensary location.

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, 27-year old Fernando has a strong customer service background. When he got hired at EarthMed Addison in 2019, he had almost no knowledge about medical marijuana. Like most, he had smoked marijuana recreationally but didn’t know the incredible medical benefits of the fascinating cannabis plant until he was immersed in the industry. 

Fernando told me that being hired at EarthMed exposed him to a wealth of information that he continues to learn from and advises medical patients as well as recreational users to “ask questions anytime they’re at EarthMed if they are curious about anything.” Fernando continued by saying that “it’s better to ask and learn a little bit than to assume what you know is correct.” There are no stupid questions when it comes to cannabis.

Unsurprisingly, Fernando prefers working in the cannabis industry to traditional retail and describes his recreational relationship with marijuana as “balanced and functional.” When I asked him about that, he told me that he likes to be active and clear-headed and doesn’t like feeling stoned or stuck. For this reason, Fernando is not a big fan of edibles except for the 1906 drops. “These,” he says, “are incredible for their effects, not for a high. Each different type does exactly what it says it does. It’s a convenient, discreet way of getting what you need from cannabis without getting stuck.” He even gives the 1906 Chill drops to his grandma!

When he isn’t helping patients at EarthMed, Fernando enjoys spending his free time weightlifting, meditating, watching anime, hiking, and painting. He enjoys consuming cannabis recreationally and prefers to dab sativa concentrates with his Seahorse rig when he gets lifted. Fernando’s favorite thing about working in the cannabis industry is the “sense of community and the patient-first approach” that EarthMed has. Answering questions for patients and seeing how medical marijuana helps Illinois patients has been a rewarding part of Fernando’s cannabis industry experience. 

Fernando’s Favorite Strains

Indica: Florida Orange (Revolution) - The citrusy flavors, fuzzy body feel, and carefree relaxation make Florida Orange an easy choice for Fernando when he wants to unwind.

Sativa: Purple Thai (PTS) - This strain has the sweetest floral taste, like rose water. The uplifted mood and jolt of motivation that Purple Thai provides keep Fernando smiling all day.

Hybrid: Lime OG (Crops) - This is Fernando’s perfect 50/50 hybrid. Featuring a clear-headed and focused feeling along with calming pain relief, Lime OG is his go-to for meditating or any time of the day.

The next time you are at EarthMed in Addison, ask to talk to Fernando. He would be pumped to answer any questions you have. Until then, you can hit him up on Instagram.

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