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8 Weed Strains to be Thankful for This Danksgiving (Thanksgiving)

Posted by Canna Randa on Nov 23, 2021

As a medical marijuana patient, I give thanks for legal cannabis in Illinois every day. The relief that my medical marijuana (MMJ) brings me is immeasurable and something that traditional pharmaceuticals could not help me with. 

To celebrate our love for cannabis, many stoners from across the country celebrate “Danksgiving.” This fall weed holiday is simply a way to meet up with your friends and have yourselves a little bit of a marijuana Thanksgiving. While Danksgiving is traditionally hosted the Sunday after Thanksgiving, this fall weed holiday can be celebrated however or whenever you want. That means you can make a huge meal for your friends or just sit around and watch movies about weed.

This year, as my friends and I prepare to get together for our traditional Danksgiving dinner, I got to thinking about which strains have been my besties over the course of the year. Here is a quick round-up of the top fall weed strains that I am thankful for in 2021.

  1. Pineapple Express (Hybrid): Flower of this tasty strain is difficult to find in dispensaries, so we grew our own this year. I love the bright, citrus flavor and relaxed, calm feeling that this cannabis strain provides. We always have Pineapple Express Live Sugar by Cresco at home because it is a true crowd-pleaser.
  2. Jack Herer (Sativa): Available from either Aeriz or Rythm, Jack Herer is my go-to strain for an alert, mind-elevating buzz. It tastes like SweeTarts and supplies a pick-me-up without paranoia. Bring Jack to your cannabis holiday for a strain that will keep everyone alert through dessert.
  3. London Pound Mints (Indica): After finishing up the Danksgiving turkey, this heavy-hitting indica is perfect for bedtime enjoyment. If rest and relaxation are your goals, then this marijuana strain should be in your medical cannabis treasure chest -- it makes sleepy time nice and easy.
  4. Orange Herijuana (CBD): I never thought that I would be a fangirl for a CBD strain, but this is one of the best cannabis pain strains that I have ever encountered. With ~12% CBD and ~16% THC, this strain does not provide a typical head high as I expect from higher-THC strains, but the pain relief is incredible and second to none. 
  5. Grape Stomper (Hybrid): Even though I rarely enjoy grape-flavored anything (it always tastes fake, am I right?), and I thought that I would dislike this strain -- it is quite good. This hybrid hits fast and lasts. Grape Stomper provides enough pep to finish preparing Danksgiving dinner but enough chill to not freak out about dishes at the end of the night.
  6. L’Orange (Sativa): This cannabis strain, consumed from a vaporizer, is like inhaling an orange creamsicle. Even when smoked traditionally, the flavors experienced are delicious, and the high is uplifting and sunny.
  7. Dosi-Do (Indica): The name is fun to say and makes me feel like I should be skipping down the sidewalk. The effects could not be more opposite. This particular marijuana strain should only be used when you want to rest or sleep. Consuming Dosi-Do is an intensely relaxing experience that sometimes results in couch lock. Do not puff on DD if you have a to-do list because you will ignore said list.
  8. Sour Diesel (Sativa): No list of marijuana strains I am thankful for would be complete without mentioning Sour D. This pungent strain of cannabis is known for providing increased productivity, creativity, and an amazing feeling of relaxed euphoria. Sour D has been around since the 1990s but has gotten more potent -- like all commercial weed -- as cultivation practices have evolved to produce larger and stronger yields.

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few Thanksgiving weed strains that you’ve never heard of before! Don’t forget that Danksgiving is a time of sharing and community. Enjoying a weed Thanksgiving with others is what makes it so special.

This year as you sit around the dinner table with your loved ones, thinking about what you are thankful for -- don’t forget about MMJ. It can help bring people together and can be a part of the fun activities we share. Without access to this amazingly simple and fascinating plant, many people would have to suffer needlessly from pain and discomfort associated with their medical conditions.

This Thanksgiving, be thankful for this beautiful medicine from the Earth. Marijuana, cannabis, weed, reefer, pot, Mary Jane -- whatever you call her, thank her. Just keep in mind that there aren’t many dispensaries open on Thanksgiving, so be sure to get your holiday weed strains ahead of time!

What are you smoking this Danksgiving? I would love to know -- hit me up on social media and let’s spark up a conversation about it!

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