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Marijuana and Motivation: Medicate to Motivate

Posted by Canna Randa on Jun 22, 2021

You know the typical stoner stereotype: a lazy, unmotivated, unemployed burnout hippie who lays around their parents’ house eating munchies while ripping bongs and listening to reggae. High-functioning potheads loathe this mental image of how cannabis users are perceived -- whether or not we wear tie-dye and love Bob Marley.

Does Weed Make You Lazy?

The internet didn’t provide much backstory about how this “lazy stoner” stereotype started. It may have its roots in the 1960s when the United States government opened the floodgates of stoner stereotyping to battle the free-love hippie counter-culture uprising the country was experiencing. With more research on cannabis being done now than ever before, academia is learning that not only is this stereotype inaccurate -- it is downright untrue. In fact, according to a recent study published by the Harm Reduction Journal, both frequent and light marijuana users were more physically active than non-users. 

So how do you use marijuana and avoid becoming an apathetic slug of a person that perpetuates the “lazy stoner” stereotype? I’m glad you asked -- let’s unpack that, shall we?

Strains: Does Sativa Make You Productive?

The strain of weed you consume plays a MAJOR role in whether or not you will be couch-locked or full of energy. I have already gone through the different types of marijuana in my Which Weed to Choose post, so I won’t bore you with the details describing the differences between strain types. Long post short, if you’re looking for weed that gives you energy, sativa is where it’s at. 

Sativa strains are the best strains for motivation. Sativa flower is known to provide uplifted, happy, euphoric feelings to cannabis users -- and some strains even bring about an energy boost when consumed. Sativa is good for studying, reading, and focusing on any sort of craft. In my experience, here are some of the best strains for energy and motivation:

  1. Green Crack: The name says it all. This marijuana strain gives the cannabis user a powerful burst of energy and motivation. Green Crack is my all-time favorite daytime strain as it helps me focus on menial tasks that I would otherwise despise.
  2. Durban Poison: Typically easier to find than Green Crack, Durban Poison is like the double shot of espresso of cannabis. If you are looking for a nice, creatively engaged high, this is the strain for you. 
  3. Jack Herer: Named after the cannabis activist and author, this potent sativa strain provides a lovely boost of energy that can help fight fatigue and even depression symptoms. 

Why Does THC Make You Lazy?

Marijuana and motivation are not usually mentioned together due to the effects of THC. While THC affects everyone differently, it is commonly associated with certain effects that may contribute to feelings of laziness or reduced motivation in some people. The sedative properties and impaired cognitive function that someone may experience often leads people to feel less inclined to engage in physical or mental activities.


Until you are a super-seasoned stoner, experimenting with different marijuana strains at different times of the day is the best way to find out which strain works best for you at a specific time. If you have many tasks to complete in your day, it’s probably not a great idea to wake and bake with a super heavy indica. Sativa can make you productive, but it is probably not in your best interests to spark up Green Crack or any sativa edible near your bedtime -- speaking from personal experience, sativa will disrupt your nighttime routine. 

Set a schedule for yourself to allow plenty of time to fulfill your work and home responsibilities before partaking in a smoke sesh. Setting deadlines and pacing yourself while completing your tasks, and taking breaks help give your brain a rest. Once your responsibilities are taken care of, or you have found a cannabis strain to complement them nicely, it's time to blaze.


A big part of staying motivated, even when not consuming marijuana, is movement. Stand up, take a quick walk, do some squats or jumping jacks when you use the restroom -- all of these activities will boost your motivation levels. 

Ensuring your blood keeps pumping, and your brain stays vigilant, whether sober or high, helps you to stay on task. If you consume marijuana for exercise, research has shown that you may feel better or more optimistic after your sweat session. Just make sure you are already in your gym clothes and have a plan you know you will stick to in order to avoid couch-lock.

Despite what culture has programmed us to believe about weed making you lazy, it is clear that more and more marijuana users are functioning at high, productive levels. Stereotypes are dangerous and can perpetuate nasty generalizations -- let’s work to break those stereotypes and be “super stoners” instead of lazy ones. Cannabis helps those with conditions like autism, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Now, where are my tie-dye and reggae? Hit me up on social media, and let's spark up a conversation about stereotypes!

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