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Medical Marijuana for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Does Weed Help With Autism?

For people with autism, marijuana has been found to help reduce the likelihood of serious behavioral episodes. Recent studies have shown that medical cannabis for autism patients may have a therapeutic effect on the symptoms associated with ASD.

Based on this research done for patients with autism, medical marijuana can have a positive effect on some of the common symptoms of ASD by easing their anxiety and depression, making them less irritable and aggressive, helping those with sleep disturbances, easing hyperactivity and restlessness, and decreasing the frequency of attacks of self-mutilation, bouts of anger, and psychomotor agitation.

Can Cannabis Treat Autism?

The use of cannabis for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder is a growing area of research. Medical marijuana has been approved in some states as a treatment option for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Cannabis has been linked to the improvement of sleep patterns and the overall mood of people with autism. Cannabis may help ease anxiety and depression, decrease aggression, improve sleep patterns, and increase receptiveness to learning for those with autism. Marijuana may also increase receptiveness to learning for those with ASD. Medical marijuana has also been used to help in severe forms of epilepsy, sometimes accompanied by autism.

Some studies have suggested that marijuana and autism may be related in that marijuana can help reduce the likelihood of serious behavioral episodes in individuals with autism while other studies indicate that it may exacerbate some of their symptoms. So while medical cannabis has shown promise in treating symptoms associated with autism, more research is needed to fully understand its potential benefits.

Best Weed For Autism

While the effects of marijuana will vary depending on both user and the strain there are some general guidelines that can help choose what's best for you. While some recommend choosing cannabis strains for autism that are high in THC, like indica strains, others suggest strains that have lower amounts of THC but are high in CBD. Ultimately, you should consult with your doctor to determine the best choice for you.

In Illinois, autism is one of the qualifying medical conditions for receiving a medical marijuana card. Autism spectrum disorder patients may apply for the medical marijuana card, which grants them the ability to purchase medical cannabis at an Illinois dispensary for their associated symptoms and behaviors.

**As always, you should consult a health professional before using medical marijuana for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This information is not medical advice for patients with ASD.

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