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New Year, New Me: Incorporating Cannabis Tincture into Your Wellness Routine

Posted by Canna Randa on Jan 03, 2023

It’s the “new year, new me” time of year when we all start making resolutions to be better people. When the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, we promise to eat healthier, exercise more, grow more mindful, listen better, appreciate our blessings, and be better parents, partners, siblings, employees, etc. What does “new year, new me” look like when you want to start to incorporate marijuana into your daily life and wellness routine?

Cannabis Tincture in Marijuana Tea or Cannabis Coffee

The best part of waking up is cannabis in your cup – literally. Since some cannabis oils can be easier to dissolve in some liquids, you can add them to your coffee for a jumpstart dose in the morning. The easiest way to begin your marijuana wellness journey is by microdosing marijuana using a cannabis tincture first thing in the morning. While wake and bake has been a favorite of stoners for years, blazing first thing in the morning isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. Cannabis tea or coffee is an excellent alternative to ripping a morning bong.

Making marijuana coffee or cannabis tea is easy; all you do is add a droplet or two of cannabis tincture to your warm beverage. Tinctures are available at your local dispensary, or you can make them at home with your favorite flower. In the cannabis community, there are many opinions about how to make cannabis tincture. I follow this recipe by Homestead and Chill and have found it is the easiest and most potent way to create a marijuana tincture at home.

It’s important to note that you can make marijuana tincture from hemp (CBD/CBG) or cannabis flower. The process is the same, and the results are what you would expect from the type of flower you use to create the tincture.

CBD Pre-Workout and CBD Post-Workout

While it may sound counterintuitive to smoke CBD before workout activities, CBD pre-workout can enhance the effect of the natural endorphins released during exercise. Whether you puff, eat, or use a CBD tincture before you sweat, you can expect a more pleasurable experience working out with weed. 

Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, ingesting or consuming THC or CBD post-workout has been shown to help speed recovery and increase neuroprotectivity during intense workouts. By using CBD to bookend your gym time, you can expect to train a bit harder and recover a bit faster than exercising without it.

For best results, consume your CBD tincture 30-40 minutes before your workout. It can be added to your pre-workout supplement or consumed alone. After your training session, add CBD tincture to your post-workout drink or meal. The sooner you consume CBD after your workout, the better for recovery. 

Marijuana and Meditation

I am a big fan of meditation and daily marijuana use. Combining these two loves has helped my mental health beyond belief. Cannabis meditation is fantastic for being able to feel relaxed and focus on the mindfulness of the moment. 

Using cannabis tincture or smoking THC or CBD before meditating can help slow down your mind, decrease anxiety, and help make the most of your time being mindful. Being able to feel grounded and present is imperative to successful meditation practice, and both THC and CBD help with these feelings.

Cannabis Massage

After a day of microdosing marijuana in your cannabis tea and using CBD pre-workout, wrap up your cannabis health and wellness with a cannabis massage. Due to the mainstream popularity of CBD, massage salons and spas are offering CBD cannabis massage options to their clientele. These services are typically more expensive than traditional massages due to the CBD-infused lotions used. 

Topical cannabis products are ideal if you find your muscles sore after a workout or need help with inflammation. Due to the versatility of cannabis tincture, you can make your own lotion, balm, or cream at home. All you need to do is add the cannabis tincture from your morning coffee to your favorite topical product.  

As with everything THC and CBD-related, always start low and go slow as you increase your microdosing, as this will help build up a tolerance and allow you to sober up from weed more quickly. Especially with homemade cannabis tinctures, as you never know how strong your final product will be. Marijuana effects vary from person to person, and what your friend does may not always work for you. 

How do you incorporate marijuana into your wellness routine? If you don’t already use cannabis tincture, have I convinced you that you should? Hit me up on social media, and let’s spark up a conversation!

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