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How is Weed Used With Oils?

Posted by Canna Randa on Dec 20, 2022

When hearing the phrase “cannabis oil,” dozens of different products may pop into your head. Different types of weed-based oils are extremely popular among marijuana enthusiasts, as there are simply so many ways to use them. Continued innovation has produced cannabis oils that can be smoked, cooked, and even applied for skin care. This list features some of the most popular uses of CBD and THC oils.

Cannabis Oil for Your Vape Pen

Vaporizers have exploded in popularity over the past 10 years, especially among the younger crowd, and cannabis oil cartridges are a central part of every vape pen (unless you just want to suck up hot air). The traditional vape pen will have a compartment for replaceable cannabis oil, which is the source of the CBD or THC.

When the cartridge is empty, you can simply buy more cannabis oil to keep vaping. With the continued rise in demand for vapes, consumers have an ever-growing catalog of THC and CBD vape oils to choose from, including the ever-potent live resin, which is made from frozen cannabis plant material. Adventurous minds can choose from strawberry, mint, vanilla, or even cola-flavored vape oils.

Cannabis Oil for Your Food

Have you ever considered adding a little “zing” to your snack or meal with a cannabis concentrate? On social media, you’ll find countless tasty recipes for cannabis-infused foods and drinks. Undoubtedly, the most popular form of marijuana-infused food is baked goods. Check out this recipe for the best pot brownie you'll ever try.

These days, most cannabis brownie recipes call for cannabis oil rather than actual flower. Luckily, it’s easy to make your own cannabis cooking oil by following a few simple steps. In legal states, local bars and restaurants that serve their own cannabis-infused foods, drinks, and baked goods are popping up - all just a quick Google search away.

Cannabis Oil for Your Skin

A common misconception about cannabis products is that they need to be consumed orally if you want them to have any effect, but that is not the case. Some CBD oils can be applied to your skin for a number of dermal benefits. CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation, fight acne, and even have some effect against psoriasis.

However, if your skin is perfectly healthy, cannabis oil can still be used on your skin for a sort of mellowing effect. Plenty of people that are hesitant to smoke marijuana can experience the milder effects of CBD oil for skin before taking the plunge.

Cannabis Oil for Your Hair

Believe it or not, some cannabis oils are designed for hair health. That’s right! A few types of CBD oils for hair can be applied to the top of your head to reinvigorate hair follicles, nourish your hair, and reduce irritation on your scalp. Some “miracle elixirs” will even claim to help you regrow a full head of hair, but you should be cautious before trusting any of these. Instead, consider using cannabis oil in your hair to help with relaxation. While you won’t get high from a cannabis-infused lotion or hair oil, it will help you mellow out and reduce any discomfort you may be feeling.

The innovation-driven cannabis community is always finding new ways to incorporate oils into our lives, but make sure you don’t confuse these products with one another. For example, you can’t just start vaping with CBD oil that’s intended for your skin, and definitely don’t mix hair products into your food. Make sure to follow the product instructions to safely get the most out of your cannabis oils.

Have you incorporated cannabis oil into your daily routine yet? If so, hit me up on social media, and let's spark up a conversation!

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