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The Best Marijuana Strains & Products for Sleep

Posted by MMJ Jill on Mar 29, 2022

While many people smoke weed for their enjoyment, keep in mind that cannabis products can also help with relaxation. The euphoric feeling you get when consuming THC products can also help with anxiety, pain relief, appetite, and even sleep. 

Does Weed Help You Sleep?

There are countless CBD and THC products that can help a person wind down at the end of the night. Depending on the type of weed you smoke, additional cannabinoids will flood into your endocannabinoid system and stimulate the feeling of tiredness. This ultimately means that a puff (or a snack) before heading to bed may be all you need in your fight against insomnia.

Is Indica Better for Sleep?

It’s worth noting that indica strains are generally preferred for sleep due to their higher THC content, though there are always exceptions. If you’re unsure about what strain of weed is good for sleep, below is a list of popular marijuana strains and other THC & CBD products that can help you get some much-needed rest. And, lucky for you, you’ll be able to find all of these products at one or both of our EarthMed Dispensaries.

Best Strains For Sleep

  1. G Purps - If you’re looking for the best marijuana for sleep, this indica hybrid cross of G6 and Purple Punch offers one of the higher THC counts at EarthMed in Addison, so be sure to handle it with care! We offer G Purps in either pre-rolled or flower variants, so feel free to choose your favorite and start getting a better night’s sleep.
  2. Gelato - This fruity and creamy indica strain is known for its relaxing effects amongst frequent smokers. Be sure to pick up Gelato flowers or pre-rolls at either the Rosemont EarthMed dispensary or the Addison dispensary.
  3. Beboe’s Sweet Dreams Pastilles - These Black Cherry Rose gummy candies offer 5mg of THC per tablet and will take you to your happy place before helping you drift to sleep. Stop by our Rosemont EarthMed dispensary today to pick up a pack of these sweet treats. Also be sure to try Beboe’s other flavored THC and CBD tablets.
  4. Kosher Dawg - Bunker down for a good night’s rest with Kosher Dawg. This hybrid strain of marijuana provides a rich, earthy smell and is one of the best strains for insomnia. Stop by our Addison dispensary to pick up some premium ground Kosher Dawg.
  5. Snoozzzeberry Incredibles - Quite literally designed to help you sleep, these tasty edibles combine dark chocolate and blueberry flavors with crunchy rice crispies to create the perfect late night snack to help you snooze. If you’re looking for the best THC product for sleep, shop for Snoozzzeberry and other flavors of Incredibles edibles when you shop at Earthmed.
  6. Brownie Scout - Similar to most indica strains, Brownie Scout is an effective cannabis strain for sleep. Brownie Scout offers a state of significant relaxation to anyone that smokes it. Be sure to try out Dogwalkers’ pre-rolls or full flowers from &Shine at our EarthMed Dispensary in Addison for a long and peaceful sleep.
  7. Midnight Drops by 1906 - These tablets contain about 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD to create a soothing blend that’s sure to get you through the night. Midnight Drops are expected to take effect in as little as 20 minutes, so don’t take them until you’re cozy and ready for bed! Shop at EarthMed’s Rosemont and Addison dispensaries to buy your own pack today.
  8. Counting Sheep Disposable Vape by Good News - If you prefer vaping rather than smoking, pick up a Good News vape pen from either of EarthMed’s dispensaries. “Me Time” and the black cherry flavored “Counting Sheep” are the perfect THC-infused products to help you wind down at the end of the day.

Part of what makes cannabis great is that it impacts everyone differently. Finding what works best for you is half of the fun! Use this list as a jumping-off point to start your search for the best THC products for sleep.

ProTip: Ask one of our friendly patient care specialists for their recommendations – they know our inventory and product better than anyone else!

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