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Weed-Giving Gift Guide: 10 Gifts to Give Your Favorite Stoner

Posted by Canna Randa on Nov 30, 2021

Oh, the holidays! There’s nothing better than spending time with your loved ones, sharing stories around the Christmas tree. But what is the season of giving without a gift? Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of jolly and festive gifts that your stoner friends and family will love. Spread the holiday cheer by shopping for these great gifts, for everyone from weed enthusiasts to CBD newcomers alike.

  1. Personalized Rolling Trays - Celebrate the season of giving by passing along something that your friends and family will use time and time again. Rolling trays will come in all manners of shapes and sizes to accommodate any and all weed enthusiasts. Some of the more intricate trays will even feature small compartmented areas to separate your tools and paper while you're rolling.
  2. Incredibles Chocolate Edibles - Nothing says Christmas quite like chocolate. Chocolate edibles from Incredibles are smooth, tasty and sweet treats that are sure to hold you over during the holidays. Edibles make great stocking stuffers, so why not hook your friends up with something to share! Choose from your favorite flavors like cherry, mint, and so many others at EarthMed.
  3. RAW Bakepacks - If you or your loved ones are planning to travel with marijuana products this holiday season, consider gifting a RAW Bakepack. These backpacks are specially designed to transport your weed without releasing an odor or stench while in the care. These packs are perfect for your stoner friends that travel around the state often. RAW Bakepacks come with multiple compartments to keep your stoner supplies like weed, rolling paper, grinders and other miscellaneous accessories separated and organized.
  4. Custom Ashtrays - Stoners like to accessorize just as much as the next person, and specially designed ashtrays are a great way to do just that. Buyers can find all kinds of ashtrays with unique designs, shapes, and colors that fit the recipient’s style. Many metal, resin, and ceramic trays can even be personalized with photos, if you’re looking for something more personal. Maybe even put a festive spin on your gift and find a tacky tray if you want to share a good laugh.
  5. Vape Batteries - It seems that chargers, batteries and outlet connectors are always getting lost when you’re out and about on the holidays. It's always good to have a second vape battery when you’re on the go, so surprise your friends and family with a backup. Make sure to keep an extra battery handy so that the fun never stops this winter.
  6. Glass Storage Jars - Offer your loved ones a stylish place to store their weed with a beautiful weed storage jar. These containers come in all shapes and sizes, so try to shop specifically with your special someone in mind. Also consider seasonally themed containers with Santa Claus, Christmas trees, or snow flakes for a more timely holiday gift.
  7. Tonic Frost CBD Popsicles - Looking for a sweet treat to share with your friends this holiday season? Chill out with some flavored CBD & THC popsicles from Tonic Frost. These frozen desserts are simply wonderful to enjoy while sitting next to a warm fire. These icy treats come in multiple flavors, including “cherry lime” and “watermelon lime,” both of which are available on EarthMed’s website.
  8. Engraved Lighters - You can’t spark up without a flame, so keep your closest friends and family equipped with a specialty designed lighter. People will really get a kick out of a brand new lighter when you print their name, a message, or even a photo onto their gift. With a personalized lighter, they’ll be able to share a memory every time they blaze.
  9. Cones, Wraps or Papers - Stuff your friends’ stockings with all of the wrapping material they’ll need for the new year. Marijuana enthusiasts are always buying more cones and wraps, so why not save them a trip by keeping their supply stocked? Find out if your friends roll joints, blunts, or spliffs and try to accommodate them accordingly. For a holiday spin, try shopping for some flavored papers as well!
  10. Cannabis - Did you think we’d forget weed? Of course not! Nothing says Christmas quite like green trees! This year, try to find your friends’ favorite strains before heading into the holidays, so you can order exactly what they like. Or try to spread the cheer by picking something entirely different for a bit of a surprise. 

Whatever gifts you choose to give to your weed-positive friends or family, just remember that the holidays are about giving, and spending time with those you care about. It’s not about what you smoke, but rather who you smoke it with!

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