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The Stoner Starter Kit: Tools of the Trade (A to Z)

Posted by Canna Randa on Sep 21, 2021

Every avid stoner will tell you their must-have items for optimal marijuana smoking sessions. Each recreational marijuana enthusiast and medical cannabis consumer has go-to marijuana gear that enhances their cannabis experience. Creating your own kit for weed prep can be a lot of fun, especially if you continue to add new items over the years.

This post serves as a guide for marijuana newbies and a refresher for seasoned stoners. Take a peek into our all-encompassing stoner starter kit for our favorite tools of the trade.

Smoking accessories to include in your stoner starter kit: 

  • Ashtray - A place to contain the ashes from smoking marijuana. Even a beginner’s stoner kit should have at least one of these!
  • Blunt - A blunt is made from a tobacco leaf wrapper and either pre-rolled or manually rolled with marijuana. Cannabis blunts appear similar to a cigar.
  • Bowls - This is where the marijuana flower goes in a bong or pipe until it’s ready to be smoked. 
  • Cartridge - For vape pens and vaporizers, cartridges contain cannabis concentrate or oil and get heated by a heating element. 
  • Chapstick - Keep a nice moisturizing lip balm in your weed accessories kit so your lips don’t get too dry while smoking. 
  • Dabber - A long tool used when dabbing marijuana concentrates. The sharp point on one end of the dabber helps users carefully grab marijuana concentrate to apply to the heated area on a dab rig.
  • Dab mat - Usually made of silicone, a dab mat is used under a dab rig to keep the dab rig from sliding around. It also protects surfaces from stickiness.
  • Dab rig - Similar to the bowl that holds the cannabis in a marijuana bong, a dab rig is a chamber where marijuana is held in a glass pipe. 
  • Dugout - A container to store your marijuana and your one-hitter pipe so they are conveniently ready to light up. 
  • Eye drops - The smoke from cannabis can affect people’s eyes, especially those with contacts or allergies.
  • Filters - Act as a barrier to your mouth and the joint you are smoking. A benefit of using filters is that any of the chemicals or tar from cannabis can be caught by the filter. 
  • Grinder - A fundamental piece of equipment for cannabis connoisseurs, a grinder is used to grind up the marijuana flower to make into oil for cannabis edibles or to use when rolling joints or blunts. 
  • Gum - Stash away a pack of gum to freshen your breath after a smoke.
  • Hand sanitizer - When smoking or rolling joints, use hand sanitizer to get rid of the stickiness and smell associated with cannabis.  
  • Hemp Wick - A butane lighter burns exceedingly hot. Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature and allows you to better enjoy your flower when you light up your joint or blunt.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol -  A good cleaning agent for cleaning your bong, dab rig, pipe, and other cannabis equipment. This powerhouse cleaner cuts through the resin left behind from the sticky icky.
  • Joints - Similar to a blunt, joints are smaller in size and easy for on-the-go toking. Think of joints as a cannabis cigarette with marijuana instead of tobacco.
  • Kief catchers - Used when grinding marijuana flowers, cannabis trichomes will collect in the kief catcher. Kief increases the potency of your experience when added to joints, edibles, or blunts. Read our article, The 411 on Kief and Why You Should Keep It.
  • Lighter - As one of the quintessential tools for smoking weed, lighters come in all different shapes and sizes and are even fun to collect on their own. 
  • Marijuana products from your favorite dispensary such as EarthMed - flower, tinctures, topicals, edibles, extracts, vapes, and pre-rolls. 
  • Medical marijuana card - You can save lots of money by shopping for medical marijuana. Find out if you’re eligible for an Illinois medical marijuana card today.
  • Mints - Keep mints in your stoner starter kit to refresh your breath after a hit. 
  • Munchies - Storing a stash of candy or junk food is always handy to satisfy the associated craving that comes with getting high from your supply. 
  • Napkins - Keeping napkins around for cleaning your smoking accessories is a must. Whether you are blowing out a one-hitter or cleaning or a bowl piece, napkins help.
  • One-hitter pipe - A portable way to get an instant high. One-hitter pipes help users conserve their stash of weed. Read our previous blog post, Conserve While You Consume: Stretch the High From Your Supply.
  • Ozium spray - Use Ozium spray to cover up the smell of marijuana. It is also a smoke eliminator and one of the 27 ways to mask that weed smell when you smoke marijuana.
  • Poking tool - Having a good poker is a must for stirring bowls and getting the freshest hit from your pipes. 
  • Q-Tips - Paired with rubbing alcohol cotton swabs, Q-Tips are stoner essentials that are great for keeping your sticky smoking tools nice and clean.
  • Roach clip or joint holder - If you don’t want to waste the last bit of your cannabis joint or blunt, or risk burning yourself, investing in a roach clip or joint holder for the end of your joint or blunt may be ideal. 
  • Rolling machine - An easy and convenient way to roll blunts and joints in just a few steps so you are ready to smoke. 
  • Rolling papers - Paper that is made to wrap cannabis blunts and joints that you’ll smoke. Always try to have a few handy to carry around in your weed travel kit.
  • Rolling trays - This is a designated place to prepare your rolled joints or blunts. If you have multiple, keep one in your weed-smoking kit for when you’re on the go.
  • Scale - Measure the amount of weed you are consuming or double-check the amount from the dispensary. 
  • Spiky pipe cleaners - Used to clean all types of smoking accessories, spiky pipe cleaners are a must-have in every kit for weed.
  • Tincture - Placed under the tongue, cannabis tinctures are alcohol-based extracts that provide for easy, smokeless marijuana consumption. 
  • User-friendly cones - Perfect for stoners who don’t like rolling joints, cones are easy to fill and smoke just like a joint. 
  • Vaporizer - A device used in combination with heat to vaporize the marijuana flower or concentrate.
  • Water Pipe or Bong - A must-have for all stoners. A bong or a water pipe is a smoking device that uses water to filter smoke from weed. You can choose from glass, plastic, or silicone.  
  • X-Men (or any other movie) - Watching movies is fun to do when you are under the influence of cannabis. Grab your munchies and enjoy!
  • YouTube - An excellent resource for cannabis culture, you can find tutorials for almost anything weed-related you can think of on the streaming behemoth. 
  • Zip-up, smell-proof bag - This is where you’ll store your marijuana equipment. It also makes for easy travel. 

It seems there are always new weed products that “every stoner needs,” so there’s no shame in adding to your weed kit every once in a while. Once you’ve purchased and gathered all of your essential smoking supplies and equipment, grab your stoner starter kit, and take it with you wherever you go.

Visit one of our dispensaries, including our dispensary near Chicago O'Hare airport, to get everything else you need for your kit. You’ll be ready to smoke, consume, or vape in the comfort of your home or a friend’s place. Your stoner starter kit will have everything you need to enjoy that high. 

What do you keep in your sesh kit? Hit me up on social media, and let’s spark up a conversation about it.

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