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Recreational and Medical Marijuana Products

EarthMed is dedicated to providing the highest quality cannabis to our customers. We sell several different types of medical cannabis or recreational marijuana. Please keep in mind that our Addison location has both a recreational and medical cannabis menu while the Rosemont location only offers a recreational marijuana menu.


Vaping is the process of heating THC liquid, oil, or dried marijuana, and then inhaling the cannabis vapor that is produced. There are many different vaping devices that have a cartridge where a cannabis user will insert a form of marijuana and includes a way to heat up the cannabis. These vaping devices could be e-cigarettes, vape pens, Juuls, e-pipes, or e-hookahs, to name a few.


Marijuana edibles are created using butter or oil extracted from the leaves of the cannabis plant and can be added to baked goods, beverages, candy including chocolate and gummies, cooking oils, seasonings, breath strips, and mints. Cannabis edibles are a great option if you prefer a smokeless marijuna consumption method. Cannabis users who enjoy edibles will still be able to feel the marijuana high, though it can take 30 minutes to a couple hours to feel the full effects.


The flower, also known as the bud, nug, nuggets, or herb, is the part of the female cannabis plant where the cannabinoids are found. Marijuana users usually consume the cannabis flower by smoking it when the marijuana flower is ground up. Popular methods of smoking a marijuana flower include, a pipe, joint, bong, blunt, or vape device.


Marijuana extracts are cannabis concentrates that have been created with a type of solvent including butane, ethanol, carbon dioxide (CO2), and propane. After the solvent has evaporated, marijuana users are left with highly potent cannabinoids that can be consumed by dabbing, making edibles, smoking, or vaping. Some popular types of cannabis extracts are crumble, budder, shatter, rosin, wax, CO2 oil, tinctures, isopropyl hash oil (ISO), butane hash oil (BHO), and live resin.


A pre-roll is exactly what it sounds like, a pre-rolled marijuana joint or blunt. Marijuana pre-rolls are ready for recreational or medical cannabis consumption. A pre-rolled joint can be smoked as is or it can have added THC concentrates which give the joint a higher potency.


While most topical marijuana products don’t give users the typical high that smoking a joint would, topical cannabis is beneficial for medical patients. Topicals can help with pain management as they are absorbed into the skin and slowly into the bloodstream. Medical marijuana users might find that topical lotions, balms, ointments, oils, soaps, lubricants, bath salts, sprays, and patches may help ease some of the pain or inflammation they are experiencing. Topicals usually have some form of THC, CBD, or even THCA which can help people with underlying medical conditions manage their pain.


A type of cannabis extract that is created by infusing cannabis in alcohol (usually vodka or another grain alcohol). There is also the option to have a tincture that is made with glycerin, but the effects of marijuana will be less potent. Marijuana tinctures allow for smokeless consumption, and help recreational and medical cannabis users feel effects quickly when taken under the tongue with a dropper. It can take a little longer to feel the cannabis high if marijuna tinctures are added to food or beverages since these will be digested as opposed to instantly absorbed into the bloodstream. Cannabis tinctures are helpful for measuring a consumer’s intake of marijuana. A benefit of tinctures is that if they are properly stored in a dark and cool environment, they will last longer than most cannabis products.

For more information on how to consume each type of marijuana product, please see our guide on “How to Use Marijuana.”

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