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How to Use Marijuana

The ways to consume -- or use -- marijuana vary almost as much as the types of marijuana strains and products. From rolling and packing to dropping and dabbing, here are the different ways to consume Earth’s natural medicine.

Roll It

A method steeped in ancient tradition from cultures long ago, rolling up herbs to smoke for medical use or recreation is nothing new. The flower, popcorn, or shake form of cannabis allows both patients and recreational marijuana users the opportunity to grab some rolling papers or wraps to make an easily smokable marijuana cigarette (joint) or cigar (blunt).

Pack It

There are a variety of different types of pieces in which to pack your cannabis. Most options come in a wide range of materials from metal to glass to ceramic to plastic. If you are looking for a quick solo smoke your best bet is a one-hitter, or small chillum. These types of pieces are ideal for packing a small amount for personal use. If you are smoking with one or more people you will likely want to pack up a steamroller, hand pipe, or bowl. Think of a steamroller as a tube with a bowl piece in the middle of it. You put one end up to your mouth with your hand on the other end, light the bowl, suck in, release your hand, and breathe in the hit. This method is good for getting big hits that you can’t get with a regular pipe or bowl -- which are the same thing.

If you want to treat yourself, packing up a water pipe may be of interest to you. Also known as a bong, the water pipe can be considered a treat because of the plant matter that gets sucked into the water when using this method. Bong styles and materials vary greatly, but all include a mouthpiece, bowl piece, neck, and water chamber. Smoking marijuana through a bong or water pipe is beneficial because it filters the smoke through the water prior to inhalation. This can provide users with a more tasty and clean-feeling hit than if smoking a regular non-water piece.

Vape It

Typically preferred by cannabis connoisseurs who tend to be more health conscious and wary about smoking, vaping is a relatively new addition to the marijuana consumption game. By heating the marijuana high enough to release the THC and other cannabinoids, but not high enough to burn the plant material, vapers get the best of both worlds -- the benefits of cannabis without the potentially harmful toxins associated with smoking. Vaping also greatly reduces the pungent odor that comes with other marijuana inhalation delivery methods.

Dab It

Dabbing is the act of smoking the sticky oils of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates come by many names -- sugar, rosin, shatter, butter, wax -- and are made by extracting the THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide. No matter which concentrate you choose, when you consume it you will be dabbing.  Like a bong, dabbing usually requires a dab rig that includes a banger or nail that you heat up with a torch, a mouthpiece, a neck, and a water chamber. Once the banger is heated to the correct temperature, you add the concentrate and hit the rig like you would a bong -- placing a cap over the top instead of pulling the bowl piece to clear the hit with a bong. Water pipes and dab rigs can be used interchangeably by swapping out the bowl piece for the banger.    

Eat It

Oral consumption and digestion of cannabis provides vastly different effects than smoking or vaping. Edibles come in many different forms -- chocolates, baked goods, gummies, mints, and more -- and users should be wary of homemade goodies as their dosages can vary wildly. Using edibles from a dispensary like EarthMed allows you to dose precisely to ensure that you do not over consume. 

Swallow It

Nestled in the sweet spot between concentrates and edibles are ingestible oils. Often consumed as capsules, oil syringes, or as infused butters or oils, this option is easy-to-digest and can provide a strong, long-lasting high. Oils can be placed directly on your tongue or on a piece of food to make delivery a little easier on your palate.

Drop It

Using tinctures, just 2-4 drops under your tongue can give the desired results from cannabis in a short amount of time. Typical dosages vary depending on the type of tincture and strain used to create it. Tinctures work fast because they are absorbed directly as opposed to being consumed and digested like other oral delivery methods.

Rub It

Since topical marijuana products don’t give the user the high feeling of other consumption methods, they can be a true blessing for people who have muscle aches, soreness, and localized pain. This medicating method is perfect for treating pain while keeping a clear head.

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to use and consume marijuana. The most important part of experimenting with Earth medicine is to remember to start low (with a hitter or a low dosage edible) and go slow (provide ample time between consumption). Using marijuana responsibly can compliment your life and provide pain relief you never thought possible.

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