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Canna Randa's Favorite Weed Tattoos

Posted by Canna Randa on Jun 06, 2023

I recently went to an incredible member-only cannabis event in Chicago. The event was attended by like-minded people looking to heal with plant medicine and vendors who gave out samples of their goods. One of the vendors at the event was a tattoo artist offering weed tattoos and cannabis-inspired ink. For $80-$100, attendees could choose from a host of designs, from weed leaf tattoos, and marijuana bud tattoos, to flowers, THC molecule tattoos, and more. 

Smoking weed before getting a tattoo is one thing, but getting a permanent cannabis-themed tattoo on your body is an entirely different level of dedication. This got me thinking about my love of tattoos and my love of weed. While searching for weed-inspired tattoo ideas for years, I always knew that I wanted something that showed my love for this sacred plant without being blatant with a big green pot leaf on my skin. I still have to be professional sometimes, so I chose a design that my tattoo artist and I created. 

This is the THC molecule tattoo on my arm that represents my love for bees and THC. Since the molecule has a honeycomb shape, it seemed a natural fit that bees and dripping honey (or is it weed concentrate oil) be included. I love the simplicity of this piece.

Here are 10 other marijuana tattoos that I have seen and saved over the years of searching for the perfect design. 

Best Buds Tattoo

Photo: Xpress Mag

This tattoo design is the epitome of the 90’s best friend necklace, in ink form. I would definitely get this with my bestie, but probably not with super visible placement. I love the American Traditional style of this best buds tattoo, bold lines, and saturated color are my jam.

Weed Bud Tattoo

By Roberto Alves

While the internet is full of tattoos of cannabis flower buds, this one caught my eye because it is just the right amount of realistic and cartoony. The colors are nice and saturated, the highlights pop and this bud just looks so happy and ready to be smoked.

Rasta Weed Leaf Tattoo

By Anthony Robicheau

As a huge fan of Jamaica, I love the Rasta colors in this little messy pot leaf tattoo. Its pseudo-abstract design makes the imperfections of this design perfect. This pot leaf tattoo is organic and feels happy, plus the color scheme is killer.

Crystallized Weed Leaf Tattoo

Credit: @lauraanunnaki on Instagram

This sparkly leaf made my list because it’s totally unique. I also enjoy crystals, and this design features two of my favorite things in one beautiful piece. I like that the facets are perfect, and the sparkles are gleaming in just the right places.

Hamsa Hand-Type Joint Smoking Tattoo

Credit: @joint.hunter on Instagram

This style and type of design is fairly popular in cannabis culture. In fact, have a glass rolling tray with a similar design. Out of all of the styles of tattoos I have seen like this, I like the aesthetic of this one the best. The whimsical, but still American Traditional style of this beauty is very cool.

Heartbeat Weed Leaf Tattoo

By: Bt tattoo studio(Thailand)

This is another common design that I have seen while doing a search for weed tattoos. This hits home to the medical marijuana patient in me. I vibe with the feeling that marijuana is so much a part of my life that it may as well be part of my heartbeat. 

Roman Numeral 420 Tattoo

By: Luciana Mignone

A sneaky way to show your love for 4:20 is to get an IV:XX tattoo. Since IV = 4 and XX = 20 in Roman numerals, this is the perfect way to support the best time of the day without being overly blatant. Roman numeral tattoos are very popular now, so this is probably a good place to start if you like that vibe and are looking for something small to show your love of cannabis.

Care Bear Weed Tattoo

By: @joshwoods

If you love the Care Bear Stare and getting lifted, this tattoo might be perfect for you. Not sure of his name, but I will call him Blazy Bear. Blazy has had a few joints and is feeling it! Thanks to the bright colors in the rainbow and sun, this piece is more than just Blazy Bear making things hazy – it sparks joy!

Watercolor Marijuana Leaf Tattoo

By: @thefestivalshopstudio on Instagram

I am a sucker for watercolor tattoos, and this one is no exception. I love the use of negative space for the leaf and the rainbow watercolor background. Super innovative and feminine, this weed leaf tattoo is colorful, whimsical, and looks great on skin.

Simple Smoke Tattoo

Credit: Pinterest

This simple line tattoo that transforms into a beautiful mouth blowing out smoke is perfect for people who don’t necessarily want the world to know that they smoke weed. With many ways to interpret this body art, this could simply represent that the owner is “smokin’ hot.” Whatever the story, I like this design and the vibe that it provides.

Do you have a weed tattoo that pays homage to this incredible plant? Hit me up on social media and show me! 

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