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Cannabis Chicago: Weed-Related Things to do When Visiting the Windy City

Posted by Canna Randa on Sep 07, 2021

Weed Weekend in the Windy City

With recreational and medical marijuana growing more popular every day, people are searching more often for weed-friendly vacation destinations in states where marijuana is legal. If you are looking for a beautiful city to take a quick weekend getaway, where you can enjoy some edibles or vapes, Chicago is the place for you. 

Chicago cannabis culture has been on the rise lately, as it seems like every day there are new cannabis activities and weed-friendly places to visit in the Windy City. Not only are there lots of places to smoke in Chicago, but there are also plenty of areas to hang out, meet new people, and shop for new cannabis gear too.

With two major airports available, Midway and O’Hare, Chicago is a central hub for many airlines. Flights to Chicago are plentiful and affordable pretty much any time of year, except over the holiday season when traveling becomes exceedingly expensive. Plus, you probably don’t want to visit the Chicagoland area in the winter months unless you have family there. Chicago is beautiful in winter, but biting cold, stinging wind, and air that hurts to breathe makes other 420-friendly places more enticing for the season. 

So, you are planning your weed-friendly vacation to Chicago in either spring, summer, or fall. Spring is great, but the weather can be rainy and unpredictable. Summer in Chicago is hot and humid, so you should anticipate breaking a sweat each time you go outside. Personally, I would choose fall because who doesn’t love hoodie weather and beautiful autumn colors? Whenever you choose to travel, you’re sure to find all kinds of “stoner things” to do in Chicago throughout the year.

Catch your flight to O’Hare International Airport, and when you get your car rental and leave the airport, you are just a short 8-minute drive from EarthMed Rosemont. This Illinois recreational marijuana dispensary is perfect for the traveler who has just landed in Chicago. And, since online ordering is available, you can place your order for whatever you need for your Chicago weed weekend while you are waiting to deboard the plane. Don’t worry if you forget to pre-order something. When you get there, our incredible budtenders will help you find any marijuana products you need to add. 

Once you pick up your supplies from EarthMed, you can head to the 420-friendly Airbnb or Bud & Breakfast in Illinois that you booked. As recreational marijuana popularity grows, so will cannabis-friendly accommodations and activities.

Keep in mind that public consumption of marijuana is still very much illegal in Illinois. While there are places to smoke weed in Chicago, you cannot puff your blunt while walking down Michigan Avenue.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing canna-friendly to do on your weed weekend in the Windy City. In fact, you’ll find all kinds of 420-friendly places in Chicago. A few Chicago weed events and activities you can indulge in are:

  1. Wake-N-Bakery: A premier Delta 8 THC and CBD Chicago weed cafe, the Wake-N-Bakery coffee shop and bakery offers delicious edibles and drinkables that can be modified for cannabis connoisseurs.
  2. Herbal Notes: Enjoy cannabis-infused meals at this Illinois weed-infused restaurant. Chicago is home to Herbal Notes, a social club in the Windy City. Each weed-infused meal is accompanied by education on cannabis and how it affects the human body.
  3. Joe’s on Weed St.: While it’s officially illegal to smoke weed in Chicago while in public, Joe’s has a cannabis-friendly vibe where potheads can hang out, enjoy live music, and chill.  It’s not a cannabis lounge in Chicago, but Joe’s on Weed St. is known as a 420-friendly landmark.
  4. Museum of Contemporary Art: An interactive, immersive art experience that is perfect for exploring while you are high in Chicago, the MCA is diverse, eclectic, and fun to experience after partaking in a weed smoke session.
  5. Millennium Park: Visit one of the most iconic places in Chicago, and take your picture under The Bean (officially known as Cloud Gate) before exploring the beautiful onsite gardens. While this isn’t necessarily a place to smoke in Chicago, the famous Chicago Bean is a great experience when high.
  6. High Hopes Hemp Farm: If you are willing to drive your rental vehicle out of the city an hour, and you visit at the right time of year, you can witness the stoner’s field of dreams -- acres of marijuana plants that you can tour and walk amongst. The Illinois weed farm produces hemp for CBD products that you can also purchase onsite. This is a very cool experience!

While that is definitely not everything you can do on your weed weekend in the Windy City, these Illinois weed-friendly vacation ideas should give you a good start. There is something in Chicago for everyone -- all tastes, cultures, and activity levels -- and there is always something to do. Come visit our cannabis experts at EarthMed’s Rosemont dispensary when you land at O’Hare. We would love to be your first weed-friendly place to visit in Chicago!

Are you planning a visit to Chicago soon? Let's spark up a conversation on social media about what Chicago cannabis places, events, and activities you should visit while in the Windy City.

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