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What to Expect When You Consume Marijuana

Posted by Canna Randa on Apr 08, 2021

We’ve already talked about the different types of cannabis available for use, but what can you expect when you take that step and purchase them for consumption?

Like the different strains, there are a plethora of different ways to consume cannabis, and each of these methods will produce a different feeling. As with everything weed-related, make sure you start low (low dosage) and go slow (don’t over-indulge).


Smoking the dried buds of the cannabis plant has been happening for centuries and has vastly different effects depending on the strain. Some first-time smokers report not feeling anything the first time they dabble with weed. This is normal, just like it is normal to feel high the first time you smoke. 

Smoking marijuana flower will likely cause your mouth to become try, so make sure you stay hydrated and have plenty of liquids available. Some people like to combat their cottonmouth with candies, lozenges, or other snacks. No matter how you consume weed, you can expect to get hungry.

Make sure you have nutritious snacks on hand to satisfy your stoner cravings, or else you could get couch-locked with nothing but Cheetos as sustenance. Another common occurrence when smoking weed is changes in your emotions. There are often associations between smoking marijuana and sex drive, joy, euphoric sensations, and even anxiety.

Oil Cartridges/Vape Pens

Typically, cartridges and pens tend to give a more mellow feeling than smoking actual flower. Again, a cart’s effects will vary from strain to strain and person to person. With carts and pens, it’s important to remember to go slow. Don’t puff on the device like you are Snoop Dogg -- relax, take small hits, and enjoy the taste of the delicious terpenes.

Concentrates/Shatter/Dabs/Wax/Butter/Sugar/Live Resin/Rosin

Consuming concentrates is an entirely different ballgame than smoking a joint or hitting a vape pen. Since you are not inhaling organic matter or ash when you consume concentrates, you can expect a more pure and clean high from these products. Taking a hit of dabs allows you to savor the flavor profile of the concentrate better than with flower because the product is so clean.

It is important to note that concentrates need to be smoked using very high heat to get the product’s best results. This means using a torch and a nectar collector or dab rig specially designed for concentrates. This weed-smoking method can feel like you are doing actual hard drugs, and it can feel scary for those uninitiated to the world of dabbing -- even if you are a regular flower toker. As with other types of consumption, go slow, take small pulls, and allow yourself to become a concentrates connoisseur by savoring the flavor profile of your goods. 


It is imperative to remember the “low and slow” rule when ingesting marijuana orally. Edible products can take up to 2 hours to feel, and you do not want to overindulge and give yourself a bad high. Edibles are perfect for situations where you cannot smoke and need to get lifted without being flagrant. 

Edibles come in CBD, THC, and a combination of both. Look for ratio numbers like 1:1 or 2:1 on the package to inform you how much CBD to THC you should expect. 


Cannabis-infused topicals are most often used for fast-acting relief of localized inflammation and pain and are applied directly to your skin where you feel the pain. Applying marijuana topical products to your skin allows the cannabinoids to absorb into your bloodstream, but at a slower rate than smoking, vaping, or ingesting. Typically non-intoxicating, you can expect your topical product to attack your pain without getting you high like the other forms of consumption.

As you can see, what you can expect when you consume weed varies significantly among the different consumption methods. Make sure to do your due diligence on anything you eat, smoke, or put on your body. Experiment with the different types of strains and products available until you find the right combination for your needs. And if you don't know what to try, you can always ask a budtender when you go to a marijuana dispensary. You can even consider microdosing cannabis products to find out what your favorite strains are.

Figuring out what you like and what works for you is half the fun of being 420-friendly! Just make sure you stay hydrated and experiment with your new earth medicines in a safe place.

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