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Love Potion #420: How Weed Affects Intimacy

Posted by MMJ Jill on Feb 08, 2022

If you and your significant other are seeking new and exciting ways to improve your intimacy, cannabis may not be top of mind, but it should be. Just as marijuana elevates sensations and emotions and helps manage pain in some instances, weed can be ideal in romantic settings such as the bedroom. However, intimacy is not only sexual in nature. At its roots, intimacy means having an emotional connection and being present. 

Weed and Love

Did you know that marijuana has been associated with intimacy for decades, gaining a lot of traction in the 60s and 70s with hippies and the free love movement? Today, cannabis is not only being recognized in the medical field, where medical marijuana is being used to treat the symptoms of qualifying medical conditions but also is providing benefits to improving relationships. When it comes to weed and relationships, it seems that maybe those free-loving hippies were onto something decades ago.

As all generations start to overcome the associated stigma with weed and more states legalize marijuana, there is hope that cannabis will be seen as what it is: the medicine of the earth. Whether you use marijuana recreationally to chill and have a smoke sesh with friends or medically to treat symptoms of a debilitating health condition, you may not be aware of the benefits of using weed for intimacy. Before we dive into what those benefits may be, let’s check out some research on this burning topic of intimacy and marijuana. 

Study on the Correlation Between Weed and Intimacy

Does weed increase sex drive? In a recent study entitled, Marijuana Use Episodes and Partner Intimacy Experiences: A Daily Report Study, research was conducted to see how weed affected intimacy. A total of 183 adults who regularly used cannabis were evaluated over the course of 30 days. These adults were either married couples or partners that were living together. Each day, the couples would be required to report when they used cannabis and then when they finished consuming weed using their smartphones. Then, the following day, they would be prompted to report if they had an intimate conversation with their partner and, if so, at what time. This key question in the report allowed the researchers to see if there was a relevant correlation at all between cannabis use and intimacy. 

When the 30-day time frame had elapsed, the researchers found that the couples who consumed marijuana at the same time increased their likelihood of having an intimate experience within two hours of weed use. Even further, if only one partner was using weed, the couple still tended to experience some form of bonding and connecting within two hours of consuming pot. A separate experiment was done to see if only one person of the couple smoked or consumed marijuana while the other partner wasn’t present if it had any bearing on their level of intimacy. This additional study showed that the likelihood of both partners experiencing intimacy didn’t increase or decrease. 

The Benefits of Using Marijuana to Improve Intimacy

While we already know that cannabis is useful in helping alleviate pain and anxiety for those with certain qualifying medical conditions, how does weed benefit intimacy? 

Normal, everyday contact and intimacy with your partner result in a release of the hormone oxytocin, which is what gives you feelings of arousal, pleasure, and sensation. According to the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, marijuana use heightens senses, amplifying these feelings of intimacy, whether during sexual intercourse or meaningful conversation. 

14 Ways Weed Affects Intimacy 

  1. Opens Communication: Cannabis allows for more open communication with your partner.
  2. Enhances Sensations: Weed amplifies sensations that you may experience during sex.
  3. Diminishes Symptoms of Pain: Medical marijuana can decrease pain associated with chronic conditions, allowing you to engage in physical intimacy with your significant other. 
  4. Reduces Stress: Outside stress may dissipate with cannabis use, allowing you to turn off your mind and be accessible to the intimate connection. 
  5. Improves Anxiety: Cannabis has the ability to improve anxiety and lessen worries, which is critical during intimate moments. 
  6. Lets Walls Down: When you consume weed, it may allow you to feel as though you can let barriers down and grow closer to your other half. 
  7. Helps You Be Present: Cannabis use allows you to be solely in the moment, which is ideal whether during a physical or emotional connection.
  8. Boosts Sex Drive: Weed increases and improves your libido.
  9. Intensifies the Connection: When you and your significant other consume marijuana, you may connect more deeply with each other.  
  10. Increases Erotic Pleasure: Weed may act as an aphrodisiac and take sexy time to new levels with your partner.
  11. Lowers Inhibition: Weed lowers your inhibitions and enables you to explore and try new things with your partner.
  12. Offers a Confidence Boost: By using weed before intercourse or any type of connection, you will have more confidence in your intimacy abilities.
  13. Helps You Maintain Eye Contact: Consuming the right weed strains will give you the ability to have more eye contact in conversation or when you are getting it on.
  14. Allow You to Experience Sensory Overload (in a good way): Enjoy each touch, scent, and the proximity of your partner more with weed use.

Before setting the mood for a romantic evening, if you are going to smoke weed to see how it affects your love life, pay attention to the terpenes in your marijuana flower. This is important because you want to find a cannabis strain with a pleasant scent that stimulates your senses and accentuates the mood. If you’re not sure how weed affects you emotionally, try to experiment together and find the best strains, vapes, or edibles for intimacy.

When you visit an Illinois dispensary, look for marijuana products that complement intimacy well, including topicals, intimacy oils, edibles, suppositories, love potions, and flower. One of the benefits of cannabis topicals is that they increase your blood flow while allowing you to feel heightened sensations during lovemaking or an emotional connection. By using marijuana with your partner, you should find that within two hours of consumption or smoking, you may have an intimate moment of some sort with your partner where you’ll be able to experience the amazing benefits of marijuana.

Cannabis Strains for Intimacy

While there is no magical love potion strain that everyone should default to, there are a few strains with effects that may enhance relaxation, sensuality, and intimacy. For example, indica strains like OG Kush and Northern Lights are known for their strong sedative properties. Consuming indica marijuana products can help relax the body and mind, potentially creating a more intimate atmosphere. 

Being in a relationship with someone who smokes weed is a two-way street. No two people will feel the same effect of certain marijuana strains, so you and your significant other should experiment with different weed strains to see what works best for both of you. Most of all: have fun with it. For many couples, the best weed for romance is any strain that the two of you can smoke together. See our previous post, What to Expect When You Consume Marijuana, for further tips.

Every relationship needs a nice relaxing getaway from time to time to build upon their romantic companionship and have alone time. Spending a weekend at a weed-friendly property is an ideal way to combine relaxation, intimacy, and weed. See our list of 420-friendly bud and breakfasts in Illinois

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner – and all the amorous feelings this Hallmark holiday brings about – what better time is there to improve the connection between you and your partner than by experimenting to see how cannabis improves or affects your intimacy? We hope you unlock the secret 420 love potion strain to enhance the intimacy within your relationship.

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