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    EarthMed Sales! $250 Ounces Cresco Island Sweet Skunk 21% THC Sativa Cresco Lime Skunk 30% THC Sativa Cresco Outer Space 22% THC Sativa Cresco Durban Poison 23% THC Sativa Cresco Sojay Haze 24% THC Sativa Cresco KT Dawg 24% THC Hybrid Cresco Cookies 24% THC Hybrid Cresco Pineapple Express 23% THC Hybrid Cresco Alien Bubba 27% THC Indica Cresco Bio Jesus 29% THC Indica Cresco OG 18 26% THC Indica Cresco Kubbie Kush 25% THC Indica Cresco Katsu Bubba Kush 24% THC Indica Cresco Gorilla Glue #4 23% THC Indica Cresco Grand Daddy Purple 24% THC Indica $140 Half Ounces Revolution Spectrum #12 1% THC 15% CBD Hybrid Revolution Remedy 10%THC 15% CBD Hybid Revolution Docs Og 21%THC Indica $40 Eighths Pharmacann Bubba Fett 29% THC Indica Hybrid Pharmacann Chi Dawg 26% THC Indica Hybrid Pharmacann Cookie Jar 22% THC Indica Hybrid Pharmacann Gorilla Glue 24%THC Sativa Hybrid Pharmacann Grandpa Bub 28% Indica Hybrid Revolution Spectrum #12 1% THC 15% CBD High CBD PTS Bruce Banner 1.0 26% THC Sativa Hybrid PTS Brazil Amazonia 25% Sativa Hybrid PTS Columbia Gold 21% THC Sativa Hybrid PTS Platinum Huckle Berry 19% THC Indica Hybrid PTS GSC 26% THC Indica Hybrid PTS Sour Kush 27% THC Hybrid PTS Banana Kush 24% THC Hybrid Cresco Gumbo 21% Indica Cresco KT Dawg 23% Hybrid Cresco Grand Daddy Purple 23% Indica Cresco 707 Headband 23% Indica Cresco $20 Edible 100MG Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark $40 600MG Cartridge Kosher Tangie 76% THC $60 500MG Cartridges Cresco Pineapple Express (82% THC Hybrid) $25 Roman Candles Grand Daddy Purple 54% THC Indica $12 Pre Rolled Joint 1 Gram Pineapple Express 29%THC Hybrid $35 Shorties Sojay Haze Shorties 25% THC Sativa Pineapple Express Shorties 28% THC Hybrid Alien Bubba Shorties 29% THC Indica $50 Cresco Concentrates Kosher Tangie Live Sugar 85% THC Hybrid Bio Jesus Shatter 87% THC Indica Gumbo Live Budder 83% THC Indica Katsu Bubba Kush Live Budder 85% THC Indica Lime Skunk Live Budder 82% THC Sativa Outer Space Live Budder 84% THC Sativa Alien Dutchess Shatter 81% THC Sativa $100 Half Shake Lime Skunk 30% THC Sativa Chunky Diesel 24% THC Hybrid KT Dawg 22% THC Hybrid Sour Diesel 26% THC Hybrid Pineapple Express 23% THC Hybrid Bio Jesus 31% THC Indica Katsu Bubba Kush 24% THC Indica Goldleaf $70 Gram Flights 1g Mag Landrace 29% THC Indica 1g Grand Doggy Purple 30% THC Indica 1g Gelato 29% THC Indica Hybrid 1g Monster Cookies 24% THC Indica 1g White Harmony 9% THC 15% CBD Sativa $50 Shatter G6 Shatter 85% Sativa Hybrid Gelato Shatter 90% Indica Hybrid Grand Doggy Purps Shatter 69% THC 18% CBD Indica Jack Herer Shatter Strawberry Banana Shatter Papaya Shatter Paris OG Shatter $50 Wax Gelato Wax 90% THC Hybrid $35 Short Thought Joints Mag Mile Short Thought Joints 29% THC Indica Gelato Short Thought Joints 29% THC Hybrid Corleone Kush Short Thoughts 25% THC Indica Paris OG Short Thoughts 27% THC Indica Grand Doggy Purple Short Thoughts 30% THC Indica G6 Short Thought Joints 29% THC Hybrid Bruce Banner #3 Short Thought Joints 27% THC Hybrid White Harmony Short Thoughts 10% THC 10% CBD Sativa GTI $135 Grape God Popcorn Half Ounces 25% Indica $130 Pax Era Device and Pods Bundle New Pax Era Vaporizer Device Tangie Pod (76% THC) & Brownie Scout Pod (75% THC) $25 Dog Walkers Brownie Scout 31% THC Indica Sour Diesel 25% THC Sativa Hybrid Maui Wowie 24% THC Sativa $50 GTI Wax Sunset Sherbert Wax 83% THC Sativa Sour Joker Wax 83% THC Sativa Berry Bubba Kush Wax 83% THC Indica Kosher Kush Wax 83% THC Indica Stardawg Guava Wax 87% THC Sativa Natures Grace $60 500MG Cartridges Chicago Blue Dream 86% THC Sativa Jack Herer 90% THC Sativa Bubble Gum 82% THC Hybrid Strawberry Headband 86% THC Hybrid Cannalope Kush 79% THC Hybrid Super Silver Haze 90% THC Sativa Hybrid Green Crack 77% THC Sativa Northern Lights 89% THC Indica Skywalker 86% Hybrid Critical Cure 44% THC 40% CBD Indica Pharmacannis $50 Concentrates Goobilygoo Wax 86% THC Indica Durban Cookies Live Sugar 86% THC Indica Alien Jack Live Wax 80% THC Sativa Hybrid Easy Street Live Wax 87% THC Indica 20 Hash Coins Goober 41% THC Indica Bubba Fett 49% THC Indica Hybrid Grandpa Bub 51% THC Indica Hybrid Chi Dawg 48% THC Indica Hybrid Easy Street 44% THC Indica Hybrid Razzmatazz 44% THC Sativa Blue Dream 53%THC Sativa PTS $50 Concentrates Brazil Amazonia Shatter 85% THC Hybrid Bruce Banner Shatter 87% THC Hybrid LA Sunshine Shatter 83% THC Hybrid $40 Disposable Cartridges Ghost OG vs Blue Dream 81% THC Sativa Hybrid Brazil Amazonia 80% THC Sativa Hybrid Platinum Huckleberry 80% THC Indica Hybrid Revolution $20 Rocket Joints Keylime Surprise Rocket Joint 34% THC Hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 Rocket Joint 43% THC Sativa Grand Daddy Purple Rocket Joints 47% THC Indica Darkstar Rocket Joints 42% THC Hybrid $50 Nug Run Pull and Snap Double Gorilla OG 84% THC Sativa $60 Budder Gorilla Punch 87% THC Sativa $70 Dragon Tear Twists Whole Flower Blend 73% THC 15% CBD Hybrid Shelbyville Pink Lemonade Shatter 36%THC 48%CBD Painkiller Shatter 34%THC 55% CBD *These deals are only good while supplies last!! EarthMed Menu Flower SATIVA •Cresco Island Sweet Skunk (23% THC)(Eighths) • •Cresco Durban Poison (22% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco GG #4 (22%THC)(Eighths) •Goldleaf Ghost Train Haze (25% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •GTI Golden Goat (25% THC) (Eighths) •GTI Durban Poison (21% THC)(Eighths) •GTI Banana Split (24% THC)(Eights) •GTI Maui Wowie (24%THC)(Eighths) INDICA •Bedford Grow OG (24% THC)(Eighths) •Bedford Grow Black Kush (26% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Katsu Bubba Kush (25% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Bio Jesus (26% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Reserve Joliet Jake (29% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Kubbie Kush (26% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Alien Bubba (28% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Blueberry (26% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco OG 18 (29% THC)(Eighths) •Goldleaf Magnificent Mile (26% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Grand Doggy Purple (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Purple Punch (28%THC)(Grams & Eights) •Goldleaf Paris OG (29%THC)(Grams & Eights) •Goldleaf Papaya (24% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Monster Cookies (24% THC)(Eighths) •Goldleaf Corleone Kush (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •GTI Black Cherry Soda (22% THC)(Eighths) •GTI Berry Bubba Kush (20% THC)(Eighths) INDICA Dominant Hybrid •Bedford Grow Dawgma (24% THC)(Eighths) •Natures Grace Cheese and Chong (22% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Cookies (26% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco The White (25% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Green Line OG (30% THC)(Reserve Line Eighths) •Cresco Lime Sorbet (28% THC)(Reserve Line Eighths) •Goldleaf Banana OG (23% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Akorn Kush (25% THC)(Eighths) •Goldleaf Strawberry Banana 30% THC Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Holy Grail (23% THC) (Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Gelato (29% THC)(Grams) •Revolution Huckleberry Kush (26% THC)(Eighths) •Revolution Alien Rock Candy (26% THC)(Eighths) •Revolution Blackberry Kush (27% THC)(Eighths) •GTI The Godfather (24%THC)(Eighths) SATIVA Dominant Hybrid •Cresco Chunky Diesel (23% THC)(Eighths) •Cresco Pineapple Express (27%THC)(Eighths) •Goldleaf G6 (29% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Sunny D (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf Bruce Banner #3 (29% THC)(Grams) HIGH CBD •Goldleaf Harle TSU (11% CBD) (Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf White Harmony (1:1)(Grams & Eighths) •Goldleaf AC/DC (23% CBD 1% THC)(Grams & Eighths) •GTI OTTO (1% THC & 16% CBD)(Grams & Eighths) •PTS Harlequin 7% THC 10% CBD) (Eighths) •Shelbyville Sweet Pea (1% THC 14% CBD)(Grams & Eights) Vape Pens/Cartridges •Cresco Harlequin CBD Cartridge 2:1 (45% CBD & 24% THC) •Goldleaf ACDC Cartridge (70% CBD & 8% THC) High CBD •Goldleaf Pineapple OG/ACDC Cartridge (65% CBD 24% THC High CBD) •Goldleaf Zkittlez Cartridge (67% THC & 18% CBD High CBD) •Goldleaf Tangie Cartridge (63% THC & 22% CBD Hybrid) •Goldleaf G6 Cartridge (86% THC Hybrid) •

  • $40 8ths

    Pharmacannis - Chi Dawg, Gorilla Glue, Cookie Jar. PTS - Girl Scout Cookies, Colombian Gold, Brazil Amazonia, Bruce Banner 1.0, Banana Kush, Sour Kush, PLatinum Huckleberry Cookies. Revolution- Spectrum 12 High CBD Cresco - Granddaddy Purple, KT Dawg, Gumbo, 707 Headband.

  • Mix and Match Ounce Discount

    You Can always mix and match eighths or quarters to make an ounce and get a discount! Buy in bulk and Save! Variety is the spice of life! For even bigger discount, buy one strain pre-packaged as a ounce!

  • 10% Off for Disability, 10% Off for Veterans, 10% Off for Seniors, 10% Off for Kids w Epilepsy

    We offer 10% off for all the above. Only 1 discount per patient. Does not apply to Sale priced items.

  • Loyalty Program - Extra 5% off

    When you hit 600 points recieve a credit of $30 to your account, no sign up needed, you're already enrolled!

  • Free Birthday Grams!

    Come in on your birthday and recieve a free gram of your choice (flower only)(1 gram / flower only)