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Canna-friendly Subscription Boxes Reviewed

Posted by Canna Randa on Mar 22, 2022

Disclaimer: Neither EarthMed nor Canna Randa is affiliated with any companies mentioned below. These opinions come from reviews done independently of any brand influence.

Hello. My name is Canna Randa, and I have deep, compulsive love for subscription boxes. Ask my husband, and he will agree. 

As an early Ipsy and Birchbox subscriber, even though I don’t wear makeup, I was sold once I learned about the 420-friendly goods included in Cannabox. I simply love starting my weekend by opening up a fun little gift while watching a good weed movie. I don’t know what it is about mystery and subscription boxes that tickle my fancy, but the thought of getting goodies in the mail each month that I didn’t have to pick out myself makes me happy. For me, the amount of monthly joy that these subscription boxes bring me is worth the $24-$40/month price tag.

Weed subscription boxes provide a convenient way for cannabis enthusiasts to discover the newest products and accessories in the industry via a monthly service that delivers directly to your doorstep. These subscription boxes for weed smokers typically contain a curated selection of cannabis products and accessories like rolling papers, lighters, and other branded merchandise.

Medical marijuana helped me when I was in a tough spot, so now my love for cannabis has me on the hunt for new strains and accessories to add to my collection. During my canna-friendly subscription box adventure over the past few years, I have collected some super cool gadgets, unique bongs, apparel, and an abundance of papers and lighters. Here are my thoughts on a couple of stoner subscription boxes that you might have heard of and two that you probably haven’t but should.

Cannabox: One of the first cannabis subscription offerings available, Cannabox has been “the leader in 420 subscription boxes” since 2012. With month-to-month subscriptions starting at $32.99, Cannabox was my first foray into this market, and I was pleased with everything that I received over the many months that I was an active subscriber. Each month’s Cannabox comes with a pipe or bong, a piece of apparel (usually a tee-shirt, but I have also received hats and reusable shopping bags), rolling papers, blunt wraps, a gadget of some sort, and a lighter. Beyond the monthly weed subscription boxes, you can also shop the Cannabox site for everything weed-related. I just got a new Puffco Peak atomizer on Cannabox – so it’s good for more than just subscription boxes.

Daily High Club: Since I loved Cannabox so much, I started researching other options and found Daily High Club (DHC). Their El Primo box offers similar items and is available for $29.99 as a subscription or $49.99 as a standalone box. Always looking for a good deal, I signed up for the $158.35 6-month subscription, which brought my monthly box fee down to under $24 each. The main difference between other weed box subscriptions, like Cannabox, and DHC is that Cannabox has an apparel item, and DHC will usually include a neat accessory, gadget, or device like this branded Smokus Focus Comet for lighted viewing of nugs under magnification. 

Stoney Babe Box: I found Stoney Babe Box (SBB) and their cannabis subscription box on Instagram and fell in love with the fact that it is a small women-owned and operated business that believes in women empowerment and making females feel welcome in the cannabis industry. Stoney Babe boxes are full of goodies sourced from other small, women-led businesses, as well as the usual papers, wraps, and lighters like Cannabox and DHC. The thing that I enjoy about SBB is that not all boxes are the same. Each has a specific theme, but the individual items differ in each box. That makes checking SBB Instagram reveals super fun! As I would expect with a smaller business, the boxes are slightly more expensive than the previously mentioned options. A month-to-month SBB subscription is $35, the 3-month prepay is $105, 6-month is $198, and 12-month is $360 plus shipping. I opted for the 3-month option and am still currently subscribed to, and obsessed with, this box. I love supporting small women-owned canna-businesses!

Elevate Crate: Last but certainly not least is my favorite, Elevate Crate (EC). Another female-led business, I had been keeping an eye on EC for a bit before pulling the trigger on their weed subscription box. I kept asking myself if I really needed another mystery cannabis box delivered every month. Since Elevate Crate does not have a subscription option currently available, I used this as my loophole to snag one of their themed mystery boxes. They always seemed to sell out quickly, so when I saw the Silicone Mystery Box post, I knew it needed to be mine. This was one of the best weed subscription boxes I’ve ever purchased – two silicone pieces, a whole bottle of silicone cleaner, a large silicone concentrate container, and many other small goodies. I like that I can pick and choose with EC which boxes I want and that I am not locked into a monthly commitment. I am excited to receive my next weed subscription box to see what these lovely ladies have in store for me!

These four cannabis subscription box options are a good place for any casual or experienced toker to start their 420 theme box journey. You can even add your weed gifts to your stoner starter kit. While each 420-friendly subscription box has its pros and cons, I felt that I got the most bang for my buck and the best feeling in my soul, getting my mystery boxes from the two small, women-owned options. 

And now that I am officially done with my research for 420 subscription boxes, the question my husband will ask me is, “What do we do with all these bongs?” In anticipation of that question, I will be buying decorative shelves to place my treasures!

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