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Canna Randa’s Top 10 Songs About Weed

Posted by Canna Randa on Apr 12, 2022

Tell me that marijuana isn’t a cultural catalyst, and I will disagree – respectfully, of course. People around the world travel hundreds of miles for weed-themed gatherings, cover their bodies in marijuana tattoos, and jam out to songs about smoking.

Cannabis culture and music go hand in hand and have for decades. Songs about marijuana span over all genres and generations of music, from country to hip hop, rock to pop, and everything in between – musicians love to write and sing about their love for the sticky icky.

And why shouldn’t they? Smoking weed makes people feel good, and listening to music or watching movies while smoking amplifies that good feeling. Whether they toke trees for recreation or to alleviate discomfort from a medical condition, most marijuana enthusiasts would agree that music + marijuana = magic

I am a music connoisseur as much as I am a cannabis evangelist. I love music and enjoy most genres (Country is tough for me. I can’t get past that twang - sorry). Here is a list of my top 10 songs about weed:

  1. Smoke Two Joints: Originally recorded by The Toyes in 1983, most people are familiar with the Sublime version of this song that became wildly popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. While the original version is a catchy reggae song, in 1996, Sublime put its spin on it and added their signature SoCal dub sound that breathed new life to this 80s gem. This song became an anthem for elder millennial hippies (like me!) who were attracted to the laid-back sounds of Sublime. 
  2. Legalize It: After leaving the reggae band The Wailers, Peter Tosh released his album and song by the same name, Legalize It, in 1976. With this album, he began his quest to advocate for the legalization and de-stigmatization of marijuana. Considered a reggae legend along with his bandmate Bob Marley, Peter dedicated his life to marijuana legalization and expanding the reach of reggae music and Jamaican culture. This dedication to bringing Caribbean island sounds to the masses worked; Sublime also did a version of Peter’s masterpiece, Legal Dub. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!
  3. Kaya: No list of weed songs would be complete without mentioning Bob Marley and the Wailers’ song Kaya. Debuted in 1978, Kaya was so beloved that the word “kaya,” which was Jamaican street gang slang for “dope,” became synonymous with marijuana outside of Jamaica. Listen to this song if you want an authentic Bob Marley experience. It pays homage to the rain, the earth, and the Rastafari plant of enlightenment, kaya.
  4. Hits from the Bong: Found on the 1993 album by Cypress Hill, Hits from the Bong was the first song that I ever heard use a bong rip as an introduction and background song. When I heard this song, I felt like my parents would be disappointed that I was listening to a musical piece featuring such graphic detail about bong smoking at the tender age of 12. This song provided my first peek behind the marijuana curtain, and I was not alone feeling like that - a massive number of people in my generation see this as the penultimate 90s kid weed song.
  5. Collie Man: One of the more obscure additions to my list, Collie Man by Slightly Stoopid is a beautiful song with immaculate vibes. With lyrics about a friend who provided herb, this song feels like an homage to the plug from back in the day. You can hear the Sublime and Bob Marley influences in this song -- something that scratches my brain in all the right places. 
  6. I Got 5 On It: This 1995 song by Luniz and Michael Marshall talks about a night in the hood, and the title is about having $5 to throw in on a smoke session. Back when dime bags were $10, going “half on a sack” was having five on it. The backbeat on this song makes me want to dance while I smoke a fat blunt and sip a 40, and I don’t even like beer. 
  7. Because I Got High and Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags): Released in 2000, Afroman’s comedy-laced Because I Got High and Crazy Rap (Colt 45 & 2 Zig Zags) even make my boomer mom chuckle. Seriously, she was at my house while writing this and asked me to help her add them to her iTunes library. If people can’t laugh at the stupid stuff they do when they are high, humanity has an issue – Afroman makes sure everyone smiles while listening to his song. Crazy Rap gets a little NSFW, so beware. My boomer mom didn’t vibe so hard with that track.
  8. You Don’t Know How It Feels: Commonly known as the “Let’s Roll Another Joint” song, You Don’t Know How It Feels was on Tom Petty’s 1994 album Wildflowers. The lyrics speak to a desire to shut off the noise, relish doing nothing and enjoy a joint. Not sure about you, but this very much appeals to me. Another Tom Petty song that didn’t make the list but I wanted to shout out is his 1993 hit, Last Dance With Mary Jane. This song is about the struggle of addiction and speaks to Tom Petty’s very public substance abuse issues. I remember watching this video on MTV as an 11-year-old being both enthralled and scared of drugs. 
  9. Pass the Kutchie/Dutchie: Originally released in 1981 by the relatively-unknown Jamaican group, The Mighty Diamonds, and titled Pass the Kutchie, this ultra chill song was redone a year later by Musical Youth and renamed Pass the Dutchie. Although the British-Jamaican group, Musical Youth, was also unknown, their version caught fire and became a #1 worldwide hit. Thinking of this song helps me remember which way to pass a bowl or joint in a smoke session – to the left-hand side.
  10. Mary Jane: Rick James’ 1978 hit Mary Jane is, quite possibly, the most culturally popular cannabis song on this list. Featured in films like Friday and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule reworked the harmonies and melodies of Mary Jane for their 2001 song I’m Real

I have a long list of other songs about weed that I love – including my husband’s favorite Legit Ballers by Twista and The Speedknot Mobsta – but this list of ten should give you a good start if you want to consume cannabis music that will make your soul happy. They can also be a great soundtrack for my favorite things to do when high.

Hit me up on social media, and tell me your favorite songs about weed; I would love to add them to my playlist!

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