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Cannabis Consumption by Country

Posted by Canna Randa on Mar 07, 2023

With the recent flux of cannabis legalization in the United States and across the world, longtime enthusiasts and new users are taking to the leaf. Weed is slowly becoming available to use, own, and sell in certain states and territories within a country, with varying levels of legality for medical and recreational use.

While you’re probably more familiar with weed consumption in your home country, today we’re going to answer questions like; Which country smokes the most weed? What countries legalized weed consumption entirely? Has cannabis consumption by country risen since respective legalization?

United States Cannabis Consumption

Depending on the source, estimates suggest that anywhere from 12 to 20 percent of Americans say that they have smoked marijuana at least once in the past year. Since there are many states that have legalized marijuana and many more are joining the ranks each year, this number is estimated to grow.

More Americans are smoking weed each year at a gradual rate. Influenced by movie stars and athletes who smoke weed, Americans are becoming more accepting of cannabis in general. You can visit some of the closest dispensaries to O'Hare airport in a weed-friendly city like Chicago and enjoy a whole day of cannabis-related activities. As cannabis becomes legal in more states, pretty soon, the U.S. will be the weed capital of the world.

Canada Cannabis Consumption

In 2018, Canada became only the second country in the world to fully legalize cannabis for recreational use, making it one of the highest consumption rates in the world. Over 20% of Canadian adults consume marijuana at least on a yearly basis. Canadians have the luxury of online ordering, and a great number of recreational cannabis storefronts run privately and by the government, meaning that it’s easier than ever for residents to shop. Expect Canadian cannabis consumption to rise for the next few years.

Mexico Cannabis Consumption

In 2021, Mexico declared that marijuana would be legal for private recreational use. Citizens can legally possess up to 28 grams of cannabis and grow up to six plants on their property. Despite the growing opportunities for cannabis culture, it may be surprising to hear that there aren’t many frequent smokers in Mexico. A 2016 study by the Mexican government found that only 2.1% of citizens smoked marijuana in the last year. While this number has certainly grown since legalization, the usage rate is not nearly as high as some of the other counties that have decided to decriminalize it.

Netherlands Cannabis Consumption

When it comes to countries in Europe that allow weed, the Netherlands is sometimes cited as the weed-smoking capital of the world. Smoking cannabis in the Netherlands is still illegal, though decriminalized. The country is rather lenient when it comes to weed possession and even allows the sale of cannabis in some coffee shops. Estimates claim that about 28% of adults in the country have smoked cannabis at least once, with about 10% being regular users.

France Cannabis Consumption

Believe it or not, the French have some of the highest cannabis consumption rates in Europe and around the world. Nearly 45% of French citizens say that they have used marijuana at least once in their lives, and 11% say that they use it more often. Even though marijuana is technically still illegal for personal use, France actually consumes more weed per person than the Netherlands.

Iceland Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis consumption is not criminalized in Iceland, but possession is still illegal and will result in a fine. Still, many people choose to smoke anyway. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Iceland has one of the highest rates of cannabis consumption, with about 18 percent partaking at least once in the last year. While this number is questioned by some, there’s no denying that locals are opening up to weed in a general sense.

China Cannabis Consumption

Marijuana consumption is illegal in China except for a few medicines and industrial purposes. This is the reason why less than one percent of China residents will ever smoke weed in their entire lives. While cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug in China, the Beijing and Shanghai metropolitan areas have separate legal classifications for CBD, which is permitted.

Uruguay Cannabis Consumption

Did you know that Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize marijuana on a national level? Ever since its full legalization in 2013, cannabis has become one of the most used drugs in the country. Weed is even available at pharmacies. Over 30,000 citizens have licenses to buy and grow weed. Being the first country to legalize cannabis for recreational use, just under 15% of adults in Uruguay use cannabis at least once a year. They also export a lot and rank as one of the countries that grow the most weed.

There are well over 150 million people that use marijuana around the world, and our numbers are constantly on the rise. Marijuana is becoming more accepted by the public and is easier than ever to buy. With growing decriminalization and full legalization across the planet, the outlook for cannabis culture is looking bright for smokers everywhere. Hit me up on social media, and let’s spark up a conversation about this topic!

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