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How to Smoke Pot with a Glass Pipe

Posted by Canna Randa on Jun 14, 2022

For seasoned marijuana enthusiasts, there are dozens of ways to prepare an evening smoke. Joints, spliffs, and blunts are some of the most common ways to roll up weed, but there are other methods of enjoying your favorite flower. Aside from paper rolls, perhaps the most frequently used smoking device is the glass pipe. Not dissimilar to a classic tobacco pipe, glass pipes can be used by a marijuana enthusiast over and over again for years (if well maintained).

Smoking with a glass pipe or a glass bong with a percolator comes with a number of advantages (aside from saving money on rolling papers). Compared to rolling a joint, a pipe is relatively quick and easy to set up. You’re also able to control the exact amount of weed you like to smoke in a single sitting. On top of all of that, glass pipes don’t make much of a mess and, compared to cleaning a bong, can be washed and good as new in no time at all.

Let's dive into a shortlist of materials you’ll need to get started as well as five easy steps you can follow to smoke weed from a glass pipe.

What You'll Need:

  • A Glass Pipe: Shop for a unique glass pipe in your favorite color or design
  • Your Favorite Weed: Just about any flower or shake will do
  • A Lighter or Match: Any lighter or matches you have available
  • A Grinder (or other tool): Whatever you use to break up your flowers

Step 1: Grind Your Flower
Before adding your weed to your pipe, you need to make sure it is well ground and easy to manipulate. You can use a traditional weed grinder, scissors, a kitchen knife, a smoothie maker, or even your fingers. Cut or grind up your flower until you have enough small pieces to fill your pipe’s bowl to your liking.

Step 2: Add the Weed
Take a small clump of your recently ground marijuana and add it to the “bowl end” of the glass pipe. You can pick up your favorite flower or a new strain at our dispensary near O'Hare. You’ll need to pack the weed in enough so that it doesn’t drift out of the bowl on its own. However, you also need to make sure not to pack your bowl too tightly, as this will make it more difficult to heat up and allow smoke to pass through.

Step 3: Heat the Bowl
Take your lighter or matches and heat the ground weed in the bowl-end of the glass pipe. Pretty soon, your cannabis flower will begin to burn and produce smoke. Try to be careful around the bowl after lighting up. If the bowl gets too hot to handle, you may be applying too much heat, in which case you should try to hold your glass pipe by the stem to prevent burns.

Step 4: Mind the Carb (Optional)
Most glass cannabis pipes come with small holes on the side of the bowl called a “carb.” This tiny hole helps regulate airflow when breathing in from the mouthpiece. The carb should remain covered while you inhale and released at the end of your hit to clear the smoke from the pipe.

Step 5: Smoke Your Weed
Enjoy your marijuana product by putting the mouthpiece to your lips and then taking a deep breath with your lungs. Keep an eye on your weed as you smoke; if it cools down, you’ll have to light up again to get the smoke flowing.

Afterward: Clean Your Pipe
When you’re finished enjoying your smoke, make sure to clean out the bowl, mouthpiece, and chamber of your pipe. Leaving residue in the pipe will allow old dregs of weed and resin to become skunky and mix in every time you light up, ultimately diminishing the flavor.

Also, if your pipe has a screen, be sure to clear out any leaves or ash from it when given a chance. Try to clean your pipe frequently, especially if you tend to smoke sticky weed. Taking care of your materials will ensure that they last longer and improve your future smoking experiences.

In my humble opinion, smoking a glass pipe is one of the most rewarding ways to enjoy my favorite marijuana products without the hassle of rolling paper. Other smoking devices, like vapes and gravity bongs, are similarly efficient and will change the way you smoke. And if you find it isn't for you, you can still consume cannabis through other methods like edibles or tinctures.

How do you like to consume your cannabis? Find me on social media, and let’s get this conversation started!

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