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Puff Profile: Patient Care Specialist Kelsey Guerrero

Posted by Canna Randa on Feb 01, 2022

Welcome to this month’s edition of EarthMed’s Puff Profile, where we feature one of our incredibly knowledgeable Patient Care Specialists from either our Addison medical marijuana dispensary or Rosemont recreational dispensary locations in Illinois. Last month we got to know Ian Jones, and this month I have the pleasure of introducing his coworker in Addison, Kelsey Guerrero.

Kelsey is a local lady who grew up in Carol Stream and ended up in Georgia as a military wife. Eight years ago, Kelsey was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and one of the many symptoms of her illness was excruciating pain. She tried the traditional pharmaceutical avenues, but nothing worked the way she had hoped. Desperate for pain relief, she was introduced to medical cannabis for fibromyalgia and has not looked back. 

Fibro not only causes pain but also impacts Kelsey’s energy levels leaving her feeling exhausted. Thankfully, she has found that medical marijuana also helps her symptoms of fatigue. She uses her favorite sativa strain every morning to wake up and get moving. Whether she is going to work at the marijuana dispensary, preparing for a hiking adventure, experimenting with photography, or watching sports, cannabis helps Kelsey feel better and to “be a functional human being again.” 

Kelsey began her relationship with EarthMed as a patient, and it evolved into her career in 2019. Since she was already familiar with the menu and strains, becoming a patient care specialist was an easy transition. She is also in charge of the EarthMed Instagram page and loves that she can use her creativity, passion for photography, and cannabis knowledge to spread the good word about medical weed on Insta. 

Like our past featured Patient Care Specialists, being able to help people treat their widely varied symptoms of any of the qualifying medical conditions in Ilinois is one of the best parts of Kelsey’s job. Working at EarthMed in the medical cannabis industry has allowed her to gain a plethora of knowledge about a variety of health conditions. With that experience and first-hand insight on specific strains, Kelsey is able to advise others like she was guided through the process by her now co-workers. Remembering the pain she experienced prior to finding cannabis, Kelsey said, “It’s always a good feeling helping someone find relief.” 

Speaking of coworkers, Kelsey recounted one of the craziest days in her second month working at the dispensary. She was still fairly new at that time and heard a call come over the radio that a fire extinguisher was needed and that there was a car on fire outside! Everyone ran out to see the commotion and went back into the store after their curiosities were satisfied. One of the medical patients had pulled into the parking lot, put their car in park, heard a “poof” sound, and saw their car start on fire. “The funniest part about this story,” Kelsey tells me, “is that this patient is now a coworker of mine.” Only at a dispensary, right?

Kelsey’s Favorite Strains

Indica: Kosher Kush (RYTHM) is exceptionally good at relieving Kelsey’s pain and elevating her mood. When she smokes enough, it can even knock her out.

Sativa: It’s always Jack Herer (Aeriz) for Kelsey. This is the strain that is energetic and focusing for her.

Hybrid: Anything Cookies variety, with the sweet terpenes and pain-relieving effects, is good for Kelsey.

The next time you are at EarthMed in Addison, say hey to Kelsey and talk to her about why her preferred method of cannabis consumption is smoking flower from a bong. Spoiler alert: it’s because it tastes better and it’s a smoother hit. Until then, check out Earthmed’s Fibromyalgia Warrior on Instagram!

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