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Puff Profile: Patient Care Specialist Ian Jones

Posted by Canna Randa on Jan 04, 2022

New year, new EarthMed Patient Care Specialist to feature! Last month, you got to know a bit about Fernando Ramos. This month, I introduce you to his coworker, Ian Jones. Ian has worked at EarthMed’s marijuana dispensary in Addison for over two years and has loved being able to use his knowledge about cannabis to help medical marijuana (MMJ) patients as well as recreational marijuana users relax and find relief. 

With a marketing degree from Northern Illinois University, Ian graduated college looking for a career in his intended field. Fortunately for EarthMed, he could not find a position that didn’t require experience, and his job search led him to us. Ian was attracted to the cannabis industry because it was new in Illinois, and no experience was necessary. Two years later, Ian could not be happier with his chosen career path.

Ian is fortunate to be able to use his marketing degree to help EarthMed with its promotional material in addition to being a Patient Care Specialist. He has helped with Instagram marketing, writing reviews, and prides himself on making sure the POP glass displays look appealing. 

Since Ian used to associate weed with laziness, to say that his career path is unusual would be an understatement. Working at EarthMed has opened Ian’s eyes to the benefits of MMJ. He said, “I have seen patients come in with everything from PTSD to terminal illness. And most of them are success stories.” One of the difficulties for Ian’s patients can be strain availability. “When someone’s medicinal strain gets discontinued because a cultivator is no longer growing it, getting a patient comfortable with a different product can be a challenge.” This is one of the reasons why Ian prides himself on knowing as much about EarthMed marijuana products as possible.

When Ian isn’t working, he likes scriptwriting, playing video games, and working out. He’s never tried writing while elevated, but he said he would try on my suggestion. Ian occasionally enjoys using hybrid cannabis strains when he is playing video games but said that “sober life is good,” and that weed is a “now and then” activity. I asked Ian which type of cannabis he prefers, and he told me he prefers smoking blunts of hybrid cannabis strains. Sativa strains leave him feeling too racy, while indicas make him too lethargic. So he sticks with his hybrid sweet spot for the best effects for him. 

In addition to his hobbies outside of work, Ian enjoys going to cannabis industry events as something new happens every month in this constantly evolving industry. Ian recalled a pre-COVID cultivator party with a Volcano vaporizer continually packed with 3 grams of flower and had bags so long that they touched the ceiling. Once filled, the bags were passed around a big circle of 15 people. Another event that made an impression on Ian was a cultivator smell test event that he attended. Also pre-COVID, this educational outing was designed to help budtenders learn the strains by their scents. Being together with his coworkers and learning about cannabis strains, terpenes, and the marijuana industry is a bonding experience he will never forget.

Ian’s Favorite Strains

Indica: Florida Orange (Revolution) - this marijuana strain has a fantastic body buzz that isn’t overly heavy. It also has a delicious, long-lasting taste. 

Sativa: LA Wedding Pop (Cresco) - even though this is technically a hybrid, Ian finds it leans heavily towards sativa. It helps him work out as it provides a good energy boost and helps with recovery.

Hybrid: Banana Pudding (Revolution) - this strain tastes great and provides Ian with the ideal balance of mind and body relaxation.

Next time you are at EarthMed’s cannabis dispensary in Addison, make sure to check out the incredible glass display and think of Ian. He might even be there, ready to answer any questions you may have. I was pleased to meet him in person the last time I stopped by the Addison MMJ dispensary. Look for the tall guy you know is smiling underneath his mask – that’s Ian! Check him out on Instagram and Facebook too.

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