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EarthMed in the Community: Discounts & Partnerships

Posted by MMJ Jill on Jan 11, 2022

At EarthMed, we’re always looking for new ways to give back to our valued customers. Through collaborations, donations, and daily discounts, our team is always excited to spread cheer through the holiday season and beyond.

Veteran/Senior/Disability Discount

Veterans, seniors over the age of 65, and consumers on permanent disability will receive a 10% off discount when they shop with us. This discount is active seven days a week for both medical and recreational consumers. Medical patients that shop at the Rosemont dispensary will alternatively get a 15% off discount on all of their purchases. See the Rosemont recreational menu

Medical Monday (Addison only) - 10% off all regular-priced items.

Every Monday, medical patients at our Addison dispensary will receive a discount on all of their purchases. Review our Addison medical menu today to find the products of your preference.

Recreational Tuesday - 10% off all regular-priced items.

Shoppers will receive blanket savings across all of their purchases on Tuesdays, so try to buy your marijuana products in bulk.

Wax Wednesday - 10% off all regular-priced concentrates, vapes, and disposables.

Shop for vape-related concentrates and disposables on Wednesdays for even more savings. We recommend our best-selling “&Shine” cartridges, which come in multiple flavors of THC oil. Add your purchases to your Stoner Starter Kit

Tasty Thursdays - 10% off all regular-priced edibles.

We supply a diverse range of edible THC and CBD products such as chocolates, gummies, hard candies, and mints. We encourage edible enthusiasts to try our Friyay Watermelon Gummies, one of our most popular products. If you are a marijuana newbie, read our previous blog, What to Expect When You Consume Marijuana, for helpful tips on how to use all forms of cannabis. 

Flower Friday - Flower deals that change every Friday.

Be sure to check in every week to see about the latest savings on the various strains of marijuana plants, including indica, sativa, and hybrid flowers. Try out our best-selling Aeriz Ice Cream Cake indica flower today.

To help our community grow and thrive, EarthMed also continues to sponsor, host, and donate to various organizations throughout the Addison and Rosemont areas. Below are a few of our most recent community collaborations and donations.

Toys for Tots - To ensure that every child can experience the joy of opening new toys on Christmas day, EarthMed has been donating to Toys for Tots. Through December 11th, 2021, our team has been contributing to this worldwide organization in an effort to spread joy throughout the holiday season.

Care for Real - We support Care for Real, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide food, clothing, and general support to families in need. By working with Nature’s Grace and Budrista, our team is making a difference in the lives of local Illinoisans by sending donations throughout the month of December.

Outreach House in Lombard - Another organization that we donate to is the Outreach House in Lombard, IL. Their goal is to provide food, clothing, and other basic necessities to families in need. Alongside Nature's Grace and Budrista, we’ve been sending donations to the Outreach House and helping local families in Lombard, Villa Park, and Oakbrook.

EarthMed has also partnered with Nature's Grace and Budrista to raise money for local shelters by collecting donations at both dispensary locations.

In addition to these efforts, we also try our best to give young people an outlet to raise money on their own for their groups or teams:

Girl Scouts - Our team has supported the local girl scout troop by allowing them to sell their girl scout cookies outside of our Addison dispensary during the weekends throughout the “cookie season.” If you tend to get the munchies when using our products, keep an eye out for our favorite troop.

Rebels Travel Baseball Team - To raise money for their travel season, the Norridge Rebels baseball team sold World's Finest Chocolates. We supported the team by allowing them to set up shop outside of our Rosemont dispensary so that they could sell chocolate to our loving customers.

EarthMed is patient-focused, family-owned, and dedicated to giving back to our customers and community. Come check out our specials and see how much we love our patrons!

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