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The Benefits of Smoking Sticky Weed

Posted by Canna Randa on Mar 08, 2022

For many of the most casual smokers, there is little consideration for the dryness or stickiness of their weed. Some people choose to buy some inexpensive cannabis products, roll up and light up, and that’s perfectly fine! However, if you’re beginning your journey to becoming a weed connoisseur, it's worthwhile to know what makes weed sticky, how to grind sticky weed, and ultimately the benefits of smoking sticky weed.

Higher THC

Perhaps the most striking advantage of sticky weed is the higher Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. The reason why weed is sticky is the overabundance of trichomes, which also makes the product more potent. Trichomes are tiny hair-like appendages that collect THC on their tips. Trichomes are present on all marijuana plants, but sticky plants have the most and therefore generate the most THC on their tips.

Since THC is one of many factors that affect an individual’s “highness” from weed, sticky weed will often be more potent than dry weed of the same strain.

How to Grind Sticky Weed

Grinding sticky weed can be a variable experience from bud to bud. Start with a grinder to see if the flower will break apart easily the traditional way. Some grinding aficionados have also found success by freezing their buds or their grinders before grinding sticky weed to help reduce the buildup of resin. You won’t need to put your sticky weed into the freezer for more than 30-40 mins. Otherwise, you may just want to use your fingers to pull your buds apart.

Easier To Roll

Individuals that don’t know how to roll sticky weed may avoid the product for that reason. However, contrary to first impressions, sticky weed is often easier to roll than dry, flaky weed. Most stoners are familiar with the age-old struggle of keeping your weed in one place while you roll. A simple open window is often a recipe for disaster!

When you roll a joint, spliff, or blunt with sticky weed, it's easy to “smoosh” your product into a smaller area before you roll up and enjoy. As a result, one of the benefits of sticky weed is that it’s also less likely to fall apart and make a mess while you’re rolling. Even though you might have sticky fingers when you’re done, you’ll be able to roll up effortlessly.

More Flavorful

That’s right, sticky weed is more likely to accentuate specific flavors. As we already mentioned, one of the main benefits of sticky weed is the abundance of trichomes. Resin on a marijuana plant’s trichomes plays a huge part in the plant’s smell, flavor, and terpene profiles. When weed loses all of its moisture, it will also lose some of its cannabinoids, and its scent and ultimately becomes a bland product.

While you may sometimes prefer a low-odor weed strain, the rich smell of sticky cannabis can be quite fresh. If you’ve been smoking dry, non-sticky weed for your entire life, it’s possible you’ve never experienced all of the diverse strains of marijuana to their fullest.

So Why Buy Dry?

While sticky weed is often considered a premium product in the marijuana community, it’s worth noting that there are a few advantages of purchasing drier weed as well. Sticky weed tends to be more moist, resulting in a product with a higher weight. This means you’ll be paying a little bit less for the dry equivalent since many dispensaries determine price based on product weight. If you prefer quantity over quality, there’s no shame in sticking to dryer buds.

Additionally, it's easier to activate the THC when cooking with dry weed, making it the preferred ingredient for edibles. If you love to bake edibles as often as you smoke, once again, sticky weed may not be necessary.

If you are looking for sticky strains, make sure to ask your friendly EarthMed patient care specialists when you come in to shop, including our dispensary near Glendale Heights. They are super knowledgeable about the strains in stock and can point you in the right direction for that sweet sticky icky.

At the end of the day, sticky weed is observed to be more of a top-of-the-line product in comparison to traditionally dry cannabis. Nevertheless, choosing between dry and sticky weed is ultimately a matter of preference from smoker to smoker. Be sure to try them both and decide for yourself. After all, trying different kinds of cannabis is half the fun of toking!

Do you prefer sticky weed over dry flower? Hit me up on social media and let’s spark up a conversation about it.

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